The House on the Right- post-mortem script

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September 10th, 2016 9:04 am

I made a game called The House on the Right were you are a detective and has to figure out what happened. My Name is Kai Werder and this is my script of this video that is my post-mortem
The detective game inspired by games like “gone home” and “firewatch” (some of my favourite games)

Concept (detective game where you walk around and try to figure out what happened but more in a sense that you have find the bullets) one room mysteries.

Art: The first idea was cel shading with white borders and main objects would have been black inspired by a famicase cartridge called “the house on the left”. I discovered at the jam a game by its cover. Because I am working with the 3D program (Blender) and I don’t want to waste time to try to figure out how cel shading works mainly, because most cel shaders have black outlines so when I tried to make textures with my colour palette I thought about just using shadeless material. It`s just easier to make. Some objects have actually textures where the shadeless shader not worked like the floor or the wall. I am pretty bad at making actual people so I decided that it would fit the art style and theme if I would make 2d people and only use this police sketches to show where the people died.

Programming. I used a helpful website “How to make a simple first person walkthrough” I actually wanted through the bullet heavy theme to have some kind of tool where I could have made lines in the 3D room but I can’t code so I dint manage to do that. Also a mechanic where you could have objects in your hands and could rotate it would have been cool but also I am not a programmer. I used mainly the Unity standard assest. For the shadeless shader and the zoom effect I used code from jessy and Jonas echterhoff.
Music: It’s pretty cool that most of the players liked the music but it’s not mine I borrowed the music from doxent zsigmoond. My first thought was I had to use some kind of smooth jazz but I simply couldn´t find anything good from this genre that would fit the theme so I decided to have some music that helps you to “concentrate”.
Voicemails: where planned also they are recorded where the mystery would have got solved but it was 4 am I didn’t get it to work in Unity so I decided to just don’t use it. You can still see the voicemail device in the kitchen with a E on the side for telling the player that if he presses E he could listen to it.


Time plan: Day 1 My Dad´s birthday was on the first day, the only thing I managed to do was to write the “story ” in a train
Day 2: slept way too long. Started with some objects -> build the blueprint of the house in illustrator build it in had to scale all objects to the right size I used the blender “charter” don’t know whats the reel name of it but it helped a lot. textured more and more and made new objects that I find out that they are missing (for example the bed) when I had most stuff working I decided to put it in unity and do you know what
Fuck unity. Some things didn´t even worked like the sketches from the dead bodys or pictures on the fridge also unity has this big problem with if the wrong side of a object is not inside rather than outside it simply disappears. After 1-2 hours about fixing problems in unity what sometimes worked to make a real 3d object rather than just a 2d plane I put part of the couch inside of the wall it just didn’t worked.
I stopped working on it after 5 am so my total time was on one day only 18 hourse where I sat here and made it.
What went right: the artstyle looks good in my eyes and that it worked out like it wanted it to.
What went wrong: The writing is not the best, for example the woman at the picture on the fridge is Sarah Zuch but I didn’t said it anywhere. Also that you can jump on the roof or walk through “windows”. I learned a lot while making this.

Okay maybe you just watched this video/ read the text so you can see my way to explain my intended story.
Henry Burnwood killed Sarah Zuch and his wife Diana Burnwood like this he walked through the door and went to the kitchen there he heard what they were talking about and because he takes some kind of medicine he decided to shoot both through the wall. He also saw that for some reason the picture of Sarah has a hearth. So he shoot both of them then he flew to a not covered (should have been in the voicemails) roadtrip to a cabin in the woods. Sarah was the person on the small chair and she tried to get to the door and call the police. That’s the reason why you are there. Also I wanted someone to lean on a wall because it looks awesome right?
Thanks for reading or watching the video.

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  1. Boberro says:

    Best way of creating simple “cel shading” outlines, is in fact to use Blender:
    1. Create an object in blender
    2. in the same project, create it’s copy, in the same place, but a little bigger (so original is all hidden)
    3. Select bigger “outline” object in edit mode and reverse normals

    This way only the back faces of the outline object can be seen, so it does not obstruct the original.
    After importing to unity, assign standard material to the inner object, and some shadeless material to the outline (you can now control the color).
    If you want to show outline only on mouseover, once you have your raytracing code (google snippets, and free plugins should all work here) you just need to show/hide the outline object (enable/disable it’s renderer)

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