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Hello. So, having the usual LD craze ended, we’ll have yet another MiniLD coming this month!

Theme: “Determinism” (i.e. no randomness)

In this MiniLD, we’re going to make a game without using any randomness. A game that feels deterministic. Random number generators (RNGs) are often indispensable parts of video game mechanics, but here’s the challenge: Can we make a fun experience without relying on them? The idea has been long in my mind, but now it’s time for trying out this idea!


  • A game with no random element.
  • Team works, using assets are allowed.
  • Choose whatever genre/topic you may please.
    • Here are some ideas: Racing game, Rhythm game, Clairvoyance Gambling (e.g. You know the results in advance), A “detective” game (You find the cause of an event from its consequences), Unconventional strategy game (e.g. a turn-based platformer), Space golf, etc. etc.
  • Submission Date: Sep. 19th ~ Oct. 2nd, 2016 (Submission closed)


  • Can’t we use any random number at all? – Well, I don’t mind if you use random numbers for particle effects, etc. But the core game mechanics shouldn’t rely on randomness.
  • How do you define (pseudo-)randomness? – If a player feels something is random, I’d say it’s random. Whether if it’s actually predictable or not doesn’t matter. What matters is the user’s perception.

    Edit: a little clarification: I think the game should encourage a player to exploit its non-randomness. Just using a fixed seed doesn’t qualify as a good deterministic game.

  • This sucks! I hate a mechanics theme! – I’m sorry, but hey, I’m just offering an idea for experiments. Because, after all, we all love experimenting with radical new ideas, right?

That’s it. Have fun~~

Edit, Oct. 2nd:

We had more than 30 awesome entries! Thank you everyone who participated!
Also I want to personally thank @ratking, who immensely helped me for this.

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