Moment I realized I should remove or fix jump

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September 1st, 2016 7:03 am

Here was the moment during testing I decided I needed to improve my ground checking when hammering the jump buttonĀ or remove the jump feature =)


I decided to remove it since I there was no need to jump anywhere on the level, but it gave me a great laugh in the middle of the night.

4 Responses to “Moment I realized I should remove or fix jump”

  1. Flygamer101 says:

    Thats happened to me so many times before, 2d or 3d xD

    I actually made a post about a detective game that flew if you spammed the jump.

    Here it is:

  2. fragileannihilator says:

    He’s jumping like Luigi in Super Mario Bros. 2

  3. bruno99 says:

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