Ludum Dare 36 post mortem

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September 1st, 2016 7:21 pm

ugggggggggggggggggggggggg, another failed ludum dare: 4 submitted, 2 not submitted (wow 2 years or something close):


my thoughts through out the process:

Initially I planed on using libgdx and java with a 2d game. Seemed to work pretty well for me in the past so why not do it again. 6pm I foundĀ out the theme on the website and went out for some of the night. when I got back I started to familiarize myself with the theme of “Ancient Technology”. I was jotting down Ideas and a boat battling/boat ramming game popped into my head. Easy to do right? well why not make it a Virtual Reality game! So I was trying to find out more information on how to do it with the different libraries. I found a libgdx extension for google cardboard that renders everything the way it should! Great now how do I run it. Well I need libgdx version 1.7.1, crap its not up to date…would It still work? no…ok well could I downgrade libgdx, no…grrr ok whats next, well on google’s cardboard website it mentions unity. So, Unity it is! I have worked with c# before in a class and its very similar to java in syntax so why not use it. OK I have a new engine and a different language. How do I make the assets, blender? crap another thing I have to learn in 48 hours. Oh well seems fun! I get a decent looking boat model going and decide its good enough. So I begin to code. at this point its about 6am and I head off to bed, wake up the next day and start coding! by the time I went to bed I pretty much made 0 progress. The only progress I made was putting the boat on the scene and a functional camera movements. I want the boat to move with the camera Though…seems easy but was not at all given I am new to unity it wasnt. I had to work on my homework sunday and didnt get to work on it at all. I managed to fix it monday when I got back to it, it took probably 20 minutes to do what I wanted…I never finished it but now I might get honors credit for my class when I finish the game.

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