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August 31st, 2016 11:27 am

So… Almost 2 days after the jam has been closed, and before the experiences¬†of this jam fade out of my memory, here I’m writing ¬†the post to share my feelings, thoughts and experiences from the jam.

Firstly, the beginning. We started almost 5 hours after the theme announcement (timezone problems xD). It took us more than a full hour to discuss about the game and reach the point where we all know what we were going to do and how would the game look. We held a Skype conversation together with our great friend @Mistrust (Hope I tagged him correctly) and together we reached the base idea that eventually lead to our game, Gregos’ Journey.

Then, we got straight to work. We started with the basic design, made the laboratory stage and started working on the cave. I must admit that the first day was not really productive.. I had to leave for my brother’s birthday party (which lost me 4 hours) and together with the lost of 5 hours at the beginning, it seems like we have lost almost 10 hours at the first day. What a shame!

The second day was much better. I focused mainly on the game mechanism, while my teammates kept working on designing the next levels (the pyramid, the medieval room and the future level – that will probably be added to the game as a post-jam version). I can be very proud of the second day, as we have assembled all the stages’ and the programming of the game went pretty quickly :)

We lost the morning of the third and last day (math assignment ****). We started working 14 hours before deadline. That day was pretty intense – we barely finished the game. I started the day finishing the programming of the Egyptian level (I was waiting for the assets of the sundial and wall buttons) and during the afternoon, we have finished the medieval levels. In that stage, 2 of the teammates have finished their day and went home, leaving me and another teammate to work ’till deadline). Then, we focused mainly on the sounds and music – we have quickly made some text-to-speech dialogues for the levels, added the soundtracks that @Mistrust sent us and that didn’t leave us with a lot of time – maybe 2-3 hours till deadline.

Tired but satisfied, I quickly compiled my game and uploaded, and that was how “Gregos’ Journey” was born. Hope you like our game!


I posted our entry worried, because it really felt bad – (in my opinion) it was not polished enough and it lacked some critical elements. But in the past two days, we got so many good comments and so much feedback, enough to make me (me!) really satisfied with our game. Thank you all for the support and thanks everyone who made this happen – my teammates, the organizers, and the great community!

I’m looking forward to LD37 (December, right?), and to the next Game Jams that will take place!


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