Lost Earth – a bug fix and a minor update

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August 31st, 2016 7:53 pm

I barely made it.

I built something. In 30 hours, because I had to work on Saturday and had an important exam in Sunday morning. I thought I could beat the challenge, and almost made it to the end.

I switched my project two times, and that made me lose even more time. I only nailed what I would really do today at 3 AM.

The core of the game is there, but I just didn’t managed to build a level, nor to implement the power-ups and the variety of weapons and enemies. Not even the SoundFX effects or the animations I made. Much less to put the lore in the game. That’s the saddest part, as I made something I thought was interesting.

This is the first game I ever made start-to-end. And I’m kind of proud about it. No, I’m seriously proud.



  • After some feedback I fixed the bug that made the game freeze after the player character died. Now it gives a 2-sec Game Over screen and loads Main Menu screen.
  • Fixed the bug that made all the alien ships chase the player from the beginning of the level. Now they only activate when the player comes close. But they still annoyingly manage to pass by the wall tiles. Heck!


  • A Post-Mortem.
  • The Procedural Level Generator.
  • Fix the but on the controls.

Captura de tela 2016-08-29 20.38.35


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