It’s time for my self-debriefing

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August 31st, 2016 6:30 am


It was my first participation to a Ludum Dare and it was a lot of fun.
I wasn’t well prepared since I was not sure I could participate until friday.
It’s the reason why I failed doing something for the compo and posted my project to the Jam.

I first wanted to make a platformer game and spent the first day on the engine programming (using SDL2/Opengl).

Then I made a first sprite and that take me all sunday morning !

At this point I admit I panicked ! I really don’t thought I could do it in time. So I switch to another project.

And I know it was a mistake. Even if their was some hard work to go, the game was running.

If I took the time to think about it, I would probably end up with a solution to modarate my ambitions on this project and finish it in time.

So I switched to a puzzle game project and almost done it for the compo but wasn’t satisfied yet by the details.
I decided to take some extra time to implement a menu and make some art and published for the Jam.
And here it is :


It’s not  as appealing as I expected first but I’m happy with the concept and the gameplay. It’s a puzzle game based on Conway’s game of life where you aim at cleaning the board in few moves.

I would be glade to have your opinions and critics about it. I’m considering doing more levels if someone is interested in it.

I already learned a lot participating of a single Ludum Dare ! But, for the next one, I must train my skills in graphics, sound and music. And I will focus on one single project, I promise ^^



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