Feedback Friends?

Posted by (twitter: @NoLevelCap)
August 31st, 2016 10:26 am

Is it down for anyone else?

8 Responses to “Feedback Friends?”

  1. ocarson says:

    Yeah, looks like it’s down for now.

  2. Anudin says:

    Come back Feedback Friends you are missed :(

  3. yotam180 says:

    Yeah, it’s down. It has been happening since the morning – short down-times like this :/

  4. Diptoman says:

    It wasn’t refreshing for me the latter half of the day yesterday either (my balance was stuck even after refreshing). But yeah, it’s completely down now.

  5. rnlf says:

    We’re having some problems with the server. One of our sysadmins is working on it. It should be up for now, but might be offline again for a few minutes later.

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