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August 30th, 2016 1:04 am

Hi. I’m still away, but I’ve been getting a number of people contacting me that weren’t able to submit, or had issues submitting, so I’m going to send them here. Please leave a comment here if you had issues submitting.

If it’s an account/activation issue, I’ll take care of those. You can contact me directly.

EDIT: Feedback Friends bugs over here:…/feedback-friends/issues

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  1. SooloKim says:

    Hi, I was having trouble with a submission for the Ludum Dare 36. I submitted my game at around 10:52PM EST and it went to the one page that says “This competition is locked. No new entries are being accepted.”.

    Thank you so much for the help!! ^^ I know we all appreciate it and it’s a lot of work to do!

  2. Daniel says:

    I can’t seem to find my game on Feedback Friends, or my username.

  3. darthbox1 says:

    I had a couple occasions where the browser gave me an error message, something like file not found (i can’t remember the actual message), but i refreshed and it worked after that.
    Also, because it was nearly 3am, i thought the Name bit on the submission was MY name XD you can find my game in the mosaic under my name rather than the game’s name XD
    Well, it’s edited now, but how silly of me…i blame lack of sleep.

  4. Ghen says:

    yesterday indeed i have a very hard time submitting, i’m using chrome and firefox, both give same infinite loading problem, but works fine on IE

  5. oostap says:

    sorry for offtop,
    but I have issue rating other games. is it possible?

  6. VitasaMode says:

    I can’t seem to rate any games either. The rating choices aren’t present.

  7. For those who will ask about “rating issues”, it’s right on this announcement before Ludum Dare 36 was started 😀
    “…LD36 will have no ratings phase…” (sorceress, 2016)

  8. brunurd says:

    Mike! How do I put a link in my entry description?

  9. Amine Tcherak says:

    I do not find my entry in feedback freinds list :::

  10. Tanton-H2X says:

    because out for business recently,i missed the time to built my entry-page today ToT although my game still unfinished and polish enough . but i hope to upload it as post-jam version in my Ld-Page and more convenient to interactive with my firends when it is done…
    Do I still have a chance? wish your will be much appreciated.

  11. Amine Tcherak says:

    you can give me another chance Please !

  12. TeamPoops says:

    Hello! I was going to submit an entry to the Jam but got home late from work. The site just said submitting was locked. Honestly, I’m not sure if I just screwed up or if there was a problem with the site, but at the very least, there’s usually a grace period and this time there didn’t seem to be one =( Thanks!

    • sorceress says:

      There was the usual submission hour, plus an additional hour after that.

      I’m not sure how much extra-time I should have allowed, trying to balance a) being compassionate to those who failed to submit in time, and b) being respectful to those who adhered to the time limit.

  13. ronan13 says:

    We tried to connect to the ludum dare site for the compo but didn’t suceed since today. So at the time we’ve got to get the site work the competition was locked. Can we submit our game ?

  14. JorgeGameDev says:


    I might be jumping the gun here, but my Feedback Friends page doesn’t seem to update with the comments I have made, even after a Force Refresh. I don’t know if it takes a while to get the comments made or something, but I decided to make a note of it anyways. So far I have commented on two entries but they don’t seem to be displayed on the website, although a mention (which was a comment I made to reply people) I made on my own project page seems to have actually been added to those person’s mentions list.

    I’m wondering if it has to do with some compatibility issue due to having a different display name (JorgeGameDev) of my actual wordpress username (PoliteWhale). Although it’s fan-project (or I think it is), Will’s World Map was only able to find my Ludum Dare account when I typed in the latter (the username) rather than the display name.

    My Feedback Friends page is the following:

    I just want to make sure it’s not an issue on my end or something. So I decided to comment. Sorry if this turns out to be a false flag. 😛


    • rjhelms says:

      I was confused by this too – it seems like comments show up when the game you commented on is refreshed, rather than when *your* page is refreshed. (Which makes sense, ’cause that’s the page Feedback Friends has to scrape to pick up your comment.)

      If they’re still not showing up, maybe try a Force Refresh for the games you commented on?

    • Ghen says:


      i want to keep up with people mentioning and comment that i leave on people page, yet the only one that updated is only comment that i got, quite weird

      even force refresh not helping

    • axoona says:

      I’m encountering the same problem.
      of all the comments I gave only one wass shown and not even the oldest. force refresh didn’t do anything
      but I did as rjhelms suggested and forced refrech on games I commented and this made those comments show on page page as well. however it’s not really a good solution don’t you think ? 😉
      do you think there could be some sort of bulk refresh on all games implemented like at least once or twice a day ?

    • Narkhos says:

      Same problem here. My first two feedbacks have shown up after an hour but the next ones don’t want to appear at all.

      My display name is the same as my user name.

      Perhaps we have to come from feeback friend while living the feedback on the game page ?

    • sorceress says:

      There may be a bug in Feedback Friends, I’ll pass these messages on to Wan, it’s developer .

    • Narkhos says:

      All my feedbacks suddenly appeared ! Seems to be fixed :)
      Thank you

    • Wan says:

      Thanks for your report!

      The worker that updates game/comments automatically was broken for a while, but everything is back to normal now.

      Your comment also led me to make little changes (new FAQ entry plus little [?] icon in the details page) to explain better how things work.

  15. qikcik says:

    I have error in feedback friends : Database connection error :(

  16. Hi, I was able to submit game but it looks like I’m not able to rate games now. Do you know what is wrong? BTW, I asked you on Twitter a few minutes ago then I realized I should ask here instead…

  17. Mixer says:

    This seems like the completely wrong place to post this, but I will continue. This seems quite serious. I wasn’t logged in, and I was able to click the ‘Edit’ entry button, which opened up the edit page to a game called KoYo.

    Please don’t do anything stupid anyone.

    • sorceress says:

      I made PoV aware of this issue at the beginning of the week, after another user pointed it out to me. I don’t have server access to investigate it. I’m not sure how users get edit permissions for that page, but there it is.

  18. Dietrich Epp says:

    Hi, I’m seeing the same piece of spam posted on a large number of entries. The user posting the spam is steph88, and it’s a copy/paste message asking people to support an ad-driven site. Could we delete the spam and send a warning to the user?

  19. Sparrow says:

    In the final moments of the upload hour I uploaded our (pixelpotions) game on my own account first because I didn’t notice I was still logged in. I redirect people to our team entry page on it but I hope the entry can be removed from this account.

  20. robertfcrocker says:

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