Blocky Hill’s randomly generated maps

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August 30th, 2016 10:00 am

It’s been a hectic 3-day marathon but we’ve completed our 3D tower defense game, Blocky Hill!

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Terrain is an important part of the game; set up boulder traps along long lanes for massive damage, you can even build terrain to place more towers! We hope you like the game 😀

I made the random map generator. Since there are towers that are placed on the sides of blocks as well as on top, it’s important to have plenty of hills to place all kinds of towers, but not to have deep valleys because it blocks the camera. Perlin noise worked great here: it makes these nice smooth hills.

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Then the house (your base) is placed on the highest point in the map, and a path randomly carved from here to the outside, where the chicka enemies spawn. The path elevation is then adjusted to accommodate the stairs.

One little problem is that I didn’t use the right path algorithm :X I wanted a nice winding path that uses the whole map, but instead the game can create these silly short paths:

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Next time I’ll do more research into maze algos!

If you like this game make sure to leave some feedback, we might keep working on it and release it for iOS/Android!

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