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August 30th, 2016 8:48 am

The first Atari’s Asteroids game was released in 1979. I have a feeling that it’s code was much cleaner and better than ours is.¬†So what are my thoughts?

The last LD I and my friend participated in was the 32nd. That one was catastrophic in a sense. We weren’t able to think of a good interpretation of the theme and when we figured something out, it was already a day off the limit. Also we were trying to use our Java 2D framework/engine/whatever called GabeNgine and it really didn’t go as we would’ve liked. After that, until now, we haven’t really felt about doing anything. But this time I got an idea quite quickly and my friend had a kind of non-lazy period, which is a bit of miracle ūüėÄ

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My original idea was to make a platformer game with the Asteroids somehow connected to it, but later we’ve decided to go full on with some Asteroids interpretation. And it turned up¬†to be a really good decision. It quickly became our favourite game amongst all our previous works.¬†It’s not really that original, you control a ship and try to survive in waves of destructing asteroids all around you. Sometimes an annoying enemy shows up. Ideal for rage quits. But the greatest thing about it are the graphical effects. We’ve come up with a nice little shader that makes everything SO much cooler and it’s also causing the “ancient” look of it. Also the particles. My friend is a bit crazy about them, but this time it wasn’t a bad thing, because he ported his awesome particle engine, hence we can have awful tons of particles (with almost no performance impact).

At the nights, the code was turning into a monsterous blob as always, but we’ve done worse. But I was anxious while dealing with sound and packing. The 4 years old Paulscode Soundsystem won’t simply work with newest LWJGL and JOAL’s natives are a bit hard to pack. Anyway, I managed to do it somehow.

Well, in the end, we’re happy about the result. It always can be better, but I’m satisfied. We will¬†appreciate if you try¬†it and we are looking forward to your feedback. You can try it here.

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