Approx 30% drop in entries from previous LD and from same time last year?

I recall there was some discussion that LD36 wasn’t going to happen a few months back.

Its not just because I didn’t participate….(schedule conflict) I’m only one entry πŸ˜‰

Why? Anyone want to offer some theories / reasons?


Data below:


Ludum Dare 36 β€” August 26th-29th, 2016 β€” Theme: Ancient Technology

All Entries (1912)

Ludum Dare 35 β€” April 15th-18th, 2016 β€” Theme: Shapeshift

All Entries (2711)

Ludum Dare 34 β€” December 11th-14th, 2015 β€” Theme Tied: Two Button Controls, Growing

All Entries (2867)

Ludum Dare 33 β€” August 21st-24th, 2015 β€” Theme: You are the Monster

All Entries (2724)

8 Responses to “Approx 30% drop in entries from previous LD and from same time last year?”

  1. merzlot says:

    No ratings – less interest

  2. bitdecaygames says:

    Yeah I also feel that the lack of official ratings detracted many teams and individuals. It takes the competitive drive and in some ways the validation aspect of the jam. I just hope there is a rebound next jam and people dont forget the fun.

  3. To me, it’s not just that my own game doesn’t get rated. It’s more that the lack of ratings make it feel almost unofficial, like a MiniLD or something. Also, I didn’t think anyone was going to bother playing games without ratings until I learned about Feedback Friends the day the jam started. I thought I was going to skip it this time, but read about how Feedback Friends simulates Coolness and realized that I didn’t have anything planned for the weekend yet.

  4. sorceress says:

    There are four potential factors:

    (1) No ratings will have meant some people were not interested. According to the poll 168/598 = 28% of the community were opposed to this option. If *all* of that group didn’t take part then we’d expect a drop in participation of 28%. It’s important we don’t jump to conclusions though, no matter how conveniently fitting this figure of 28% is. A good proportion of people who told me they downvoted this option still took part.

    (2) We did not have access to social media or mailing lists, making it harder to tell people there was a jam taking place in August. PoV did tweet just before the event started, but obviously not everyone can dedicate their weekend to a game jam on such short notice, if they have already made other plans for that weekend.

    (3) PoV stated several times on several platforms that he was not hosting an event in august. This made it appear as though there was no event. Even by mid august some visitors were surprised to hear the event was going ahead because they thought it had been cancelled. Confusion.

    (4) The theme does affect participation. The more divisive (love it or hate it) themes tend to lead to less participation. So perhaps this is a consider also.

  5. wooltech says:

    For me, I almost didn’t bother as there was no ratings. As it was, the UK has a nice sunny bank holiday weekend, so I was out catching Pokemon and seeing people instead of making my first idea for a game. I threw together a quick (but hopefully silly and fun) twine game in a couple of hour instead.

    I didn’t even know there’d been a poll on whether to have ratings or not, I only found out when I came to look at the theme voting for the final week.

  6. Strike says:

    Funnily, we keep seeing people asking why the ratings are gone. It gives me the feeling that a huge part of participants had no idea of what was happening for this LD36.

  7. Lack of ratings, they’re pretty useful to compare to previous LD entries, and to see what people thought of your game’s fun/graphics/sound. Comments aren’t very useful because 90% of people are polite, they’re like getting comments from your mom – of course they’ll be positive.

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