The LD Map is Live!

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August 29th, 2016 1:12 am


The LD#36 Map is Live!

LD is much more than a contest:- its a community!  Ludum-darers from all around the world come together online to produce exciting new fun games for each other to enjoy playing! 😀

Use the LD Map to wonder at the reach of Ludum Dare, and find games to play, and track just how many games you have commented on or have already commented on you!

The pin colour shows you if you have already commented on a game or they have commented on your game.

The map may take several minutes to reflect recent comments as it uses the excellent Feedback Friends API which scrapes the main LD website periodically.

(Please provide feedback and bug reports as comments to this post)

12 Responses to “The LD Map is Live!”

  1. Wan says:

    I added a link to the top of the FF mini-site!

    Small bug: if we scroll with the middle button the map turns black, and I have to refresh the page (Chrome/Windows).

    Also someone could not load the site, I could not get further info but there might be some browser compatibility issue (I suspect it was a Linux user)

  2. fragileannihilator says:

    When I press logout, my pin (the blue one) disappears from the map. Is it intended? Then waht’s the difference between “forget my location” and “logout” if they’re doing the same thing?

  3. Pix3M says:

    Shame my pin is so closely huddled up with other Seattlites :p

  4. burnedkirby says:

    For some reason, after I enter my username it tells me that I “haven’t entered any games” even though I submitted one for the LD36 compo.

    Using Firefox 48.0.2 on Arch Linux 64 bit.

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