Still Alive

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August 29th, 2016 4:27 am

We’re still alive!  T-minus roughly 15.5 hours and we’re calling it a night to get some essential ~6-7 hours of sleep before the final push.  Things are now in overdrive and I’m leaving my computer on overnight with a million browser tabs open (a bunch of which are pages on, 5 different DAW instances open (some to songs, some to sound effect projects), as well as Unity, Monodevelop, etc etc.  Yeah, it’s crunch time and we do whatever we need to to get stuff done at this point.

We scrapped our entire project late on Saturday night so we essentially made all of the game today, working on a “48hr jam” timeline.  Astoundingly, we’re somehow now in good shape the major pieces are all coming together now.  I still have to really work out the gameplay balance, progression, and one or two other mechanics, which is slightly worrisome, but we have good plans for tomorrow morning to take care of all of that, hopefully efficiently.  In addition I’ve already done or started a good chunk of the work that usually goes on on Monday at the 11th hour — stuff like menus, copy protection, making the intro, tweaking all of the sound effects, and all that stuff.

I’d love to post screenshots and WIP devlogs but there ain’t no time for that now!  Congratulations to all you compoers who finished the 48hr race, and for everyone else in the jam, hang in there!


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