Pre-deadline bugfixes are up

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August 29th, 2016 7:42 pm

Just added a few last minute features and fixed too many little bugs to mention ahead of the Jam submission deadline.  If you played it before, you may want to try it again.  Mostly (I hope) the bugs weren’t noticeable.  The HTML5 build now renders at correct size though!

Ancient Technologies for LD36 by csanyk

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  1. csanyk says:

    Just for posterity, here’s a list of the main alterations:

    – Game’s challenge level resets to 0 when game resets, inits, or kills.

    – Asteroid max_speed nerfed (slightly).

    – TV screen now all-black when game is on.

    – TV Type switch now functional (this was a feature I dropped to make submission deadline, then added back in last minute). Now you can flip between playing in color and B&W!

    – The flashing color text on the Title Screen now flashes in authentic Atari 2600 NTSC colors only!
    Death animation

    – Respawn bug — it’s supposed to wait until there’s open space around the center so you spawn a little more safely. Instead, it was doing the opposite! Fixed!

    -A few logical checks were added to prevent things that shouldn’t be possible, like audio playing when the TV is off, etc.

    All done in just 4 hrs!

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