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August 29th, 2016 5:21 pm

In vacation, I hadn’t time or computer to participate to this LD.

But I had a train journey, and during this journey, I made some logic puzzles as I read in old magazines.

So here is my entry:

(sorry if my English isn’t good…)


One say to Roland: — Stop to make the fool, that’s not the good way for you to serve me.

Eustache burst out laughing and say to him: — Well, you imitate me perfectly!

From Roland, Eustache and Hugues, who is the king, who is the squire and who is the mountebank?


—Don’t you think he is misnomer for a simple sailor?

—Not if he wants to take your place, reply john.

From Achab, John and Abraham, who is the sailor, who is the captain and who is the harpooner?


—Hands up, give the bag, and no joke!

—Not so fast Johny! Finally I found you…

—Oh Everett, you have come at the right time, I have something for you…

From Billy, Everett and Johny, who is the bounty hunter, who is the outlaw and who is the postal worker?


The detective says: — So, miss Allister, you have seen miss Riversdale in the kitchen yesterday. Was it before or after the murder?

From miss Allister, miss Haskings and miss Riversdale, who is the paid companion, who is the stove and who was the hostess?


—I knew Sarah just after I left Abilene but before I became gold digger.

—I knew Emmy on tour at Chicago.

—Me, I never leave my city.

From Jane, Sarah and Emmy, one is danseuse cancan, one is gold digger and one is outlaw; and one is from Abilene, one is from Boston and one is from Chicago.

Do you know who do what and where is from?


—There are sometimes strange coincidences. We are in a tiny island but we are from the same country and we have almost the same name.

—Yes, and I have the shorter name as is the name of my city; but the name of my job isn’t…

—Me, the name of my city start with the same letters as the name of my job!

—How boring is that! Reply Léonard, annoyed at having nothing to say.

From Léonard, Léon and Léopold, one is lampiste*, one is stenographer, and one is poiçonneur*; one live in Lyon, one live in Marseille and one live in Strasbourg.

Do you know who do what and where he live?


*I keep french words because I didn’t found a translation. A lampiste was someone who was in charge of the gaz lights (in a train station for example); A poiçonneur was someone who punched the bus tickets.

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