h3ss (first post)

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August 29th, 2016 1:20 pm

It seems that there is an obligatory ‘first post’, so I might as well use the opportunity to encourage you all to checkout h3ss. It is a puzzle game set in 3-dimensional hyperbolic space. You push coloured blocks (icosahedra: 20-faced polyhedra) around this exponentially expanding space and try make all the blocks disappear by pressing <space> to update the state using rules similar to Conway’s game of life. An empty cell (the icosahedra tile the space similar to a cubic grid in Euclidean space) will become a coloured block if it has exactly three coloured blocks as neighbours. And a coloured block neighbouring three or more coloured blocks will disappear.


Currently there is only three levels, but it is enough to at least start exploring the interesting properties of this non-Euclidean space.

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