This time, I didn’t stay up all night after the theme was released. I just tried to put some thought into it, but after a few minutes of not having any idea, I just went to bed. Before sleeping I watched a few youtube videos (I searched “ancient technology” looking for inspiration), until I stumbled upon a video of a wind powered sawmill.

I had a good night’s sleep and on the next morning the idea just came to me: A device made out of bamboo, wood and plant cloth that goes upward using extreme wind force. It was a simple idea… simple enough for me to finish it.

Yeah, it has bugs, of course, but I was able to implement and draw most of the stuff I wanted in the game.

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I think what made this possible was a combination of a relatively simple idea + me doing it by myself + choosing jam instead of compo. The problems I faced on my last game jams were:

  • Having a team or a paterner, but the team/partner giving up halfway through the jam (this happened the most)
  • Doing it alone and not having enough time because I had a somewhat complex idea
  • Doing it alone and not having enough time because I chose compo instead of jam

Also, maybe it helps that I have a much greater programming/art knowledge than I had in the past few years.

So yeah, I think this time I got it right, which revigorated the “game jam spirit” that was getting weaker and weaker each time I couldn’t finish a game on ludum dare.

If you want to play my game, here is the link! If you like it or have any criticism or whatever, just leave a comment!


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