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August 28th, 2016 9:03 pm


Starting with this tough of a theme already got the tone set to a not so light hearted LD. The brainstorming poped into my head the obvious stuff – alien weapons and rogue-like games.But then something interesting came into my head. I’m going to be laughed at but oh well…

Catapult – A Puzzle Tower Defense.

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That’s what “Catapult” is about. It’s VERY short!

Still, in order to get through the couple levels there one gains understending of the mechanicsthat can be evolved even further later. This is… a prototype if you may.

Why is it a puzzle? Well… I can’t put my finger on it exactly but if it was “just” a tower defense you’d expect it first of all be a bit more complex than placing your weapons in one axis and enemies who walk foreward all the time. the purpose of “Catapult” is to demonstrate mechanics and hopefully also to bring interesting mood with it.

I think you should just try it yourself rather than trying to explain 5 or so minutes of gameplay that took 48 hours to build.

The challenge of making it

Yeah okay I know I would agree that honestly I didn’t do THAT much with the game, otherwise it wouldn’t be just the small game-prototype thingy it is. Still, it wasn’t also THAT easy to make it.

First of all I was using my newly built and still in unstable development stages JSCF – library for canvas with vanilla javascript.

So it was basically the firs real game I made to web. (like with graphics and all)

Also, I set myself a goal to make the game polished this time, and it’s really not that easy. (especially considering all of my previous entries were quite the opposite).

And last – it’s my first time programming something even close to TD or similar strategy games. So all in all it was really fun but also challenging.

All in all it’s short and I believe even user-friendly and I guess the entry I’m so far most proud of because he’s sorta polished compared to my previous entries.. so yeah.

Happy Ludum Dare 36!

See ya’ll when ratings will return ! (oh and in the entry comments of course)

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