Terrain Generation – Part 2

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August 28th, 2016 11:02 am

When we last left off, I had generated a world with rivers, forests, lakes and such:

I promised structures. The first structure I made are roads. These took a decent amount of effort though, so I initially had hardcoded the spawn locations to test whether they properly connect to each-other.

Then I tried various kinds of directions, to see that they work properly:

Once that was tested, I started on towns. Initially, towns had a tower at the centre and houses scattered within its limits:

Then I added some roads within the town. There will be a horizontal road just below the tower and some random vertical roads elsewhere. Roads are generated just after the tower, so there shouldn’t be a case of a house in the middle of the road. I also added temples, which will spawn somewhere close to the tower.

I then added some extra buildings: Barracks (training dummy), archery ranges (bow target) and stable (horseshoe). These also spawn close to the centre:

After this, I made road connections between towns. There’s no smart road network or anything, just straight lines which connect each town to the other.

Next up: Soldiers!



4 Responses to “Terrain Generation – Part 2”

  1. FranFox says:

    Very impressive! Good work!

  2. Dia6lo says:

    Mmm… feels like mapgasm

  3. ilezhnin says:

    Looks good, I think you need look at Cataclysm DDA, it have awesome generetion system for structures.

  4. Liam :D says:

    Cataclysm DDA has had 3 years to perfect their structure generation, I may have had ever so slightly less time. 😀

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