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August 28th, 2016 3:27 pm

Want to help me playtest my entry?  I’m getting close, but this is going to come down to the wire.  I threw together a quick test level of some of the elements that I’ve got into the game so far.  Checkpoints, powerups, traps, water, health.  There are a lot of little things left to do (invincibility frames, displaying text, main menu, pause menu, etc) and some bugs to squash (hitboxes for the traps facing left are wonky, plus some more) but I’ve got the basic framework in place.  I’d appreciate any feedback or bugs that you uncover.  It is playable in Flash right in the browser.

Play here


You can complete everything in a minute or two.  This is really just a test bed for me.

Thanks all!

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  1. DrCicero says:

    Well, it works! :) You do not have any sound yet, do you?

  2. Piotrek says:

    Fun game.
    Few points you can improve:
    -space for pause is very misleading, you should change it for jump and use ‘p’ for pause
    -item efects is too bright for me
    -player animation would look much smoother if you add idle

    • MiniBobbo says:

      Space is actually my “Press to test whatever the latest feature is” button. The latest feature happened to be pause :) Space will likely jump in the actual game. I was going to make customized controls, but probably no time.

      Re: Item effects. Noted. I needed a way to disguise the sprite change, but that might be too much.

      Re: Idle animation. Agreed. On the To Do list. It might get cut for time.


  3. anjack says:

    Controls are solid! This is a big part of gameplay.

    Sound and some on-screen info would make a huge difference in gameplay.

  4. EstrelSteel says:

    Looking good. One thing to note though is that some of the platforms makes the character shake (like the one above the start position). Also, when you get the lamps, it turns off all the ones before it, not sure if that is intentional or something. Great though, sound would take it a long way, so make sure you get to that.

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