laser, windmill, delivery!

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August 28th, 2016 6:42 pm

I did it, I actually finished my 6th compo!

Before saying anything else, I just want to thank everyone who made this jam possible once again. You guys are amazing <3

Also thanks to the community for being so awesome! 😀


Now onto a quick look back.

Originally my game was gonna be.. a LOT different. It was gonna have a short story and a couple of calm puzzles. After running into big issues and wasting hours on world generation, I had to change plans.

This is where I came up with the delivery concept. Originally it was gonna feature a much more varied world and be filled with diffrent enemies.
Completely unrealistic, now when I'm looking back. However, I had still managed to find a much safer path.

Soon the end was almost here, and I knew I wouldn't be able do all those fancy things I had made up in my mind.

The lasers were a last minute solution, when there wasn't enough time to add any better enemies. I think it worked out pretty well though.

As per usual the music is a 30 second loop. It was the last thing I put together before submitting, but I think it turned out pretty well.


Some lessions from this LD:
-Focus on gameplay first, game world later
-Do the difficult coding at the beginning of day 2. I had struggled with a problem for multiple hours, but after getting some sleep I solved it fairly quickly.
-Only create art assets you know for sure you're gonna use. Half of the assets for this project are never even used once.
-Make sure you have some kind of twist in the core gameplay. I thought it would be original enough with the whole delvery concept, but you're still mostly just platforming. Make sure the platforming is fun.
-Sleep more! I just slept way to little this time, making me work slow and having a hard time solving pretty easy probems.


All thing considered I’m happy with my game, and I’m really looking forward to next time!

Play my game here. If you leave a comment I’ll play yours back! 😀

To all of you that are still going: you got this!

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