I’m out (and not happy about it)

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August 28th, 2016 5:09 am

It’s 15 hours left and I’m FAAAR from something playable. That’s my cue to surrender. To be honest most of it is my fault. I didn’t plan this Ludum Dare very well. When the theme was announced I hadn’t even decided on what language to use. I’ve been switching back and forth and trying different ideas, and wasted almost half of day 1 on that.

I potentially COULD get a playable version of my current idea by tonight, but I got other things I have to do as well, and I think the stress and exhaustion won’t be worth it, since I probably wont be that pleased with the final result.

I might submit something if I get a brilliant idea that I can make in maybe 3-4 hours, but that’s unlikely.

Happy Ludum Dare to the rest of you! I’ll still play plenty of submissions.

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  1. LukeZaz says:

    Why not submit something to the jam?

  2. jordgubben says:

    LD is something you should do for the challenge and the enjoyment. The point is to have fun and try new things.

    To be “trying different ideas” is not to “waste”, you found that a lot of things do not work. And it sounds to me like you know what to do different next time. This will be of value to you in LD37+.

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