Day #2: Everything is ready-ish

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August 28th, 2016 7:29 pm

First day report

So we haven’t added any new mechanics today, we just spent the whole time polishing the core, adding all the art (coding different effects and UI stuff) and balancing the game.

-.This is how the day started.-

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-.And this is how it ended.-

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So what remains?

  • 4-5 small details that we’d like to polish
  • Menu
  • Music and sound
  • Help menu (displayed over UI instead of boring help interface)
  • Animals! (will probably just be eyecandy)
  • More polish!
  • Weather effects? (don’t know if we’ll have enough time)
  • Submit early (hopefully!)


(art drafts, we won’t include all those animals :-P)

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(this is what happens when you decide to have 4 plants, with several growth stages and four seasons)

And that’s all for today, we’re feeling pretty sleepy right now and we’re gonna hit the bed, cya tomorrow! Seize those last 24h!

4 Responses to “Day #2: Everything is ready-ish”

  1. SojaBird says:

    Can’t wait to play this!
    This looks AMAZING! <3

  2. TeamPoops says:

    Holy Jesus, has this come a long way in a short time! Wow, looks amazing

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