Alya, artist

Faction styles in our game are quite different, so In order to add some generalization to the overall stylistics I have decided to add a slight hint of medieval manuscripts, as if all of their stories were carefully collected and put together in a book by an old silver-haired scholar-monk. In my work I use ethnic references and a book called “Signs & Symbols” where origins and meanings of symbols and drawings of different cultures from all over the world are explained.

Zhenya, composer

As a basis for my soundtrack I use cues from cultures that specific tracks corresponds to, though I cannot say that I draw my inspiration from them. I do not reference something directly, cannot point at any specific track or an artist. Music for this game is just appeared, happened. It came out of the blue. From my perception of this world, from how I see it.

Ilya, game designer

I take a million different things as a reference: Banner Saga shows how to take what is a very minimalistic gameplay and make it stylish and gripping. Stellaris – a cool little game about space and “first contact”. Age Of Decadence – that is where that “ancient technology” came from, and the game itself is completely flips the player’s expectations, and those Telltale games are insanely gripping… I take my ideas from wherever I can. And now I worry that this project will turn out to be an underwhelming experience.

Pasha, developer

Setting variables to zero, making a game. Same to you.

Andrey, slave-translator

I never asked for this. Instead of playing the new Deus Ex game I am having a “time of my life” translating all that pretentious crap those developers belched about themselves. Hope they will burn in hell for that.
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