CaveMen: Cancelled

August 28th, 2016 7:30 pm

I’m stepping out of the jam as well as the jam.
I just didn’t had a lot of time to come up with something this time that was fun enough for me to make.

I played a long time with a set of features for a game that could have been fun but I was being to nit-picky with what I wanted to make.
The stress from work also didn’t help and just made me feel bad about it.

So I’ll just pass this one.

I tried making a “hunter & gatherer” game where you had hunt a beast for food like the cavemen did waaaaaay back.
The art was pretty neat I think but I felt it required too much of my perfectionism to work good enough for me.

The style was isometric.
I tried making an isometric game before for another jam but had the same issue with that it took time to make it look good.
I guess it’s something I should work on or avoid for LD’s 😛

At least I did had somewhat fun, even though I felt pretty bad most of the time since I didn’t feel I had enough time for what I wanted to do… Pitty.


For the rest of you that are going through the last few stressful moments: Keep it up, push on and soon you’ll be ready to show everyone what a cool game you’ve made and that you’ve finished! Well done and good luck!


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