Update on project ‘Surge’

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August 27th, 2016 4:35 pm

So I have been hard at work today, slaving away on my galagalike.  Its soon going to be time for me to call it a night, which makes this a good time to post an update.

This is my 4th ludum dare, and its shaping up to be one of my favourite so far.  I have learned from previous jams that my weakness is that I tend to leave the
game mechanics to last, so I force myself to implement them first, and then tackle art in the second day.  Hopefully that will explain the ‘boxes’ visible in my work in
progress video below.

Tommorow I plan to implementing sound, bosses, more powerups and most importantly pixel art and procedural enemy designs.  Lets see how that gets on…

For those wondering, the connection to ‘Ancient Technology’ is a thin idea that your trying to fight yourway threw an alien hord, trying to reach… the ‘beacon’…
an ancient device who long ago push the scurge back from whence they came.


I’m also posting regular updates to https://twitter.com/Aidan_Dodds

Hope everyone else is having fun too!!

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