Temple of the Sky People

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August 27th, 2016 12:21 am

Screw it, I’m making a Metroidvania.

I’ve never made one before and I’ve always wanted to, so here we go…

caveman large

This is Thog, or some other caveman-like name


Thog has a sick child and the village wise man says the only cure is a gem found in the ancient Temple of the Sky People.  Thog will brave the monsters and traps of the temple to recover the gem to heal his child.

I’m using the theme twice.  See, Thog is a caveman, so everything he uses will be ancient technology.  But then he is going to go into the temple and discover even ancienter technology! (I don’t think ancienter is a word).  But because ancient lost civilizations always have better technology than the current ones Thog will find ancient technology that will actually be super advanced.  So Thog will start the game using clubs and torches and end the game flying around with a jetpack shooting lasers.  Isn’t that clever?  See normally ancient technology is worse… but in this case… it’s… better…

Running!  And Jumping!

Running! And Jumping!

Keyboard inputs, map imports from Tiled, basic main character animations, collisions, and more all running at a silky smooth 60 fps.  But the gif is captured at 33 fps so you can’t see it.  Great start for me and 4 hours of work.

2 Responses to “Temple of the Sky People”

  1. TeamPoops says:

    you made me laugh so i feel that’s a good start!

  2. MacaroniMan says:

    I’ve always wanted to play as myse- I mean, a caveman.

    Well, that’s about the same thing really…

    Good progress so far. Keep at it! :)

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