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August 27th, 2016 3:02 pm

Ok So this is the progress of the day.

– Procedural boards.
– Character movement
– Display resources
– Pick resources and modify the tile

Zlotxx Adventure - Sunday Build

– Make the Mothership ask for Alien materials in a procedural symbol fashion.
– Create the Time system and add lose condition.
– Create Board as win condition.
– Create the music!! omg I had completely forgoten about this. Actually I have a song in my mind, if I cannot go and create it I will just sing it to my recorder and paste it into the game ^^
– Improve procedural boards to have provide always the same quality tiles.

– Moving Animals  T-T

Day #0.5 (Mostly recovered from week crunch and started thinking on the idea)
I was going to make a different game with my friend but unfortunatelly he had to go because a familiar got seriously ill. I nevertheless started a different entry on my own, ^^ lets see what happens here. The game:

“Zlotxx Last Adventure”.

Featuring a “Survival” meets “Simon Says” experiment that tells the last days the lost alien Zlotix, who is trying to resupply his spaceship and come back to his home planet Zlotxxia, while giving birth to the most amazing legends of humanity by mistake. ><‘

Preliminary mockup

Original  Gameplay idea:

– Simon Says: The space ship will ask for Zlotxxian energy shards, but as you are not in Zlottxia you will need to find things of the same color in order to satisfy its energetic needs.

– Survival: The space ship has limited patience, and incompetent pilots won’t be tolerated. If Zlotxx doesn’t manage to supply the spaceship in time, it will start automatic mode to extract energy from the environment itself, lefting Zlottix out to die.


– Time: generates water.

– Water: Grants blue energy.

– Grass: Grants green energy.

– Herbivore: Grants brown energy.

– Carnivores: Grants red energy.



– Water will flow, Grass will grow, and animals will come around as the environment thrives.

– Every time Zlotxx gathers a resource, it will disappear.

Probably gonna cut much of the stuff because of time and previous “job-crunch + indie-project-at-night” tireness, but still gonna have a great time! 😀

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