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August 27th, 2016 2:10 am

– Ancient technologies? Fine! Chinese developers found a secret warehouse filled with IBM tech and started to fight each other using pre-war keyboards…
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When thinking about something ancient we always tend to expect simplicity, naivety even, but we often forget that the scientific achievements of the days gone form the base of the technological pyramid, while the tip of said pyramid represents our current development level. Lets take a wheel as an example – one of the six of the most basic devices – six thousand years ago, somewhere in Poland pictures of wheeled carts drawn by oxes decorated sides of clay pots. The wheel has since reached almost every corner of the world. It has contributed to the evolution of pottery, invention of astrolabe and other scientific apparatuses, as well as to the discovery of a cogwheel. Surely, a modern wheel is quite different from the one we had a long time ago, but the basic principles of its operation are largely the same.

And with all due respect to the wheel and its friends from humanity’s basic technologies, we have decided to imagine an opposite situation: what if our ancestors were much more advanced than we are now? So we have given a task to the civilizations of old, the same daunting task that fills the minds of countless people throughout the globe now – a colonization of the first planet, finding a new home, exploring Terra Incognita, and now we will see how ancients will perform that task. Considering their mentality (and style, of course!).

Breaking: Poland did not make it to the short-list of factions. We have tried, really, oh sweet Poland :c

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