I hope I’ll make it

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August 27th, 2016 12:51 pm

I got my world generation code working, giving results such as this:


It is generated using a diamond-square algorithm. It doesn’t look like much right now, but I think I can turn this into something. I just hope I have enough time. Even if I’m not able to make a working game in time that’s ok, because I just ordered a pizza, so that’s a win!

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  1. repstyle says:

    I work on a similar thing, when you had time, i will be interested in seing your algorythm. I was fighting to achive the same kind og generation but i couldn’t be satisfied. So i started a hand-amde map instead.
    What your game is about (if it’s not top secret) ? I’m curious if we have the same concept.
    Good luck.

    • GoudaGames says:

      My idea is that ancient alien technology is buried in the world. Your goal is to scan for this technology, dig it up and analyze it and in the end being able to identify what it is.

      As far as the algorithm goes, it’s pretty simple, it’s the standard diamond square algorithm:
      but instead of filling the map with values between 0 and 256 (which is done if you want a gray scale “cloudy” image) I use (floating point) values between 0-3 (since I have three different tiles). I then just choose which tile to use depending on these values. Just search for “Diamond Square Algorithm in ” and you’ll definitely find some.

      I’ll be going to bed now, if you have any problems with the algorithm, just leave a reply and work on something else in the meantime. I can help you when I wake up :)

      • repstyle says:

        OK, thx for the link by the way. I will check that !
        But for now i will stay with non automatically generated map and focus on other integration.
        Maybe later i will come back.

        I’m making a game about a common thing these day but not easy in the past : gathering information;

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