Do you guys believe in fate? (Also, I’m in!)

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August 27th, 2016 4:13 am

I just had one of the weirdest mornings ever. The following strange events happened in order:

  • I woke up early. That’s already highly unusual for me. I love to sleep in on Saturdays.
  • I started thinking about some fun way to spend this weekend, as I’m all alone and have zero plans.
  • I get this idea that maybe I should work on one of my game ideas. I hadn’t written a single game related code in the past months and I’d like to change this.
  • I check the Ludum Dare site for some inspiration.
  • The compo is on right now! :O
  • The theme is something I wanted to do anyway for a long time! :O :O

If I were my sister, I’d say there’s no way these things happened for no reason. I guess I have no choice now but make my best game ever. :)

As for the game itself, I’m planning a sort of Civilizations / Anno 1404 clone, focused on resource gathering and technological advancement. Might be too ambitious, we’ll see. :)

Similar to last time, I will be making an HTML5 Canvas game on a fully open source stack, meaning:

  • Fedora Linux
  • Atom editor
  • Babel ES6 transpiler, Browserify
  • Gimp, Inkscape
  • LMMS, Audacity

Good luck to everyone! Have fun! :)

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  1. I woke up early and got attacked by a spider this morning. Development has not been easy with a spider lurking behind my monitors

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