Still jotting down ideas…

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August 26th, 2016 10:37 pm

So far, I’ve got some ideas I could work with, but nothing that really took my interest (or that I know how to make interesting). Update: Writing devlogs is great! As I wrote this post, I was able to decide on a game idea! _o\ \o\ \o/ /o/ /o_

After the theme announcement, I started to write a list of topics within the theme:

  • Floppy disk
  • Colossi
  • Egypt / Pyramids
  • Wheel
  • “Dumbphone” (i.e., a regular, “non-smart” one)
  • 14-Bis
  • Paper / Book
  • Nintendo’s GameBoy
  • Sega Genesis
  • Trojan Horse (i.e., the Wooden Horse)
  • Terracotta Army
  • The Great Wall

Some of the items weren’t really technology (like The Great Wall), but it was a start… From those, I wrote a few short “pitches” for games:

  • Paper / Book: You have an assignment due tomorrow, but the internet is down! Run to the nearest library and finish your research!
  • Colossi (I): You find an strange mountain/monument emitting a mysterious light. As you climb it, you discover that it’s a colossus from ancient times…
  • Egypt / Pyramids: Use your magical staff to lift and throw stones from the river to your pyramid-builder-partner, who must be able to catch the stones mid-flight and build a proper pyramid.
  • Terracotta Army / The Great Wall: Scrapped, as it wasn’t related to ancient technologies.

Then, while writing this post, I had another idea:

  • Colossi (II): There are mysterious shrines through a field. Upon climbing mysterious floating islands, you place magical lens onto burning glasses, lighting sacred fire on the shrines. Through this ritual, the colossus wakes up from its slumbers and… (?)

The shrines could be part of the colossus, and the end of the game may be a playable cutscene with the shrines floating into the air and becoming the colossus… I liked the idea of playing with lighting a lot, so I’ll probably start tomorrow by prototyping some pseudo-lighting mechanics. It would be great if my framework already supported custom shaders, but it’ll fun trying to move past this limitation.

Now, I’m off to sleep!

See you guys soon! o/

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