IN for another amazing LD

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August 26th, 2016 3:02 pm

I’ve been participating in Ludum Dare for 2 years now. This will be my 7th game jam, 6th Ludum Dare and 5th LD compo. My tools have changed throughout the 2 years. My framework of choice for my first LD was GameMaker: Studio. It’s an amazing framework, but I quickly wanted a more powerful tool. Next came Java with LWJGL 2.x. It felt really good, but I had many issues coding the base (i.e. built-in engine). So afterwards I created my own little graphics framework. It wasn’t that good, but I used it for 3 compo’s. This year I started learning C out of a completely unrelated reason. However, I found it to be really convenient and I fell in love with the imperative-procedural, weakly/statically typed language. Now I’ve decided to complete this Ludum Dare in pure C99/C11 with my little physics/graphics framework I’ve started developing 3 weeks ago. It’s very basic, but seems usable so far. It has some sprite support and simple, fake (made up, but good/funny looking, quirky) physics (I call it fysics, because it’s fake physics, get it? hahha.)

tl;dr: I’m a masochist and I switched from Java to Assembly C to make games.

Now here’s the thing I’ll be doing really differently this time. As suggested by @mgtgames, I’ll be doing some sort of video content. I definitely won’t be streaming, but I might make a timelapse or something. (Suggestions to specific content?)

tl;dr: I’ll be doing YouTube’ses for the first time.

So, here are my current tools of choice:

Lang: C/glsl 3.3 core

Compiler: gcc

Editor: Vim. It’s amazing.

Version control: git with gitlab

Libs: SDL2, OpenGL, GLEW

Graphics: gimp

Font: One of the fonts by the amazing @somepx

Sound: bfxr

Music: I’m too stupid to make decent music so I’ll just look for a good random music generator or don’t use music at all

OS: ArchLinux (I already told you I’m a masochist, don’t ask again)

Coffee: Coffee. Lots of coffee. Even more than you think. In fact, all of the coffee

Pizza: Precisely 2 pizza’s.

It’s 10pm in here, so I’ll be going to sleep soon, so I’m as alive as possible tomorrow. While I sleep, have a look at fysics. Please ignore the bugs. They’re not bugs, it’s a feature. It’s supposed to be like that.

A demo of the fysics engine

A demo of the fysics engine

2 Responses to “IN for another amazing LD”

  1. edve98 says:

    Did you actually thought about writing a game in assembly? That would be amazing! Ssome time ago I actually saw LD entry written for gameboy in assembly. Now every time LD is around the corner I’m wondering if I should go and start learning nasm 😛

  2. pi_pi3 says:

    No, but I did make a virtual machine in C and a snake clone in it’s asm

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