DDRKirby(ISQ) and Kat are in!

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August 25th, 2016 2:36 pm

DDRKirby(ISQ) here, happily reporting that together with my partner-in-crime  Kat (who will again be handling art and animation), we are IN for LD36!

This is my 13th time entering Ludum Dare, and our 6th time teaming up together.  Last time for LD35 we ended up making Nyamo’s Adventure, a cute 2D metroidvania-style platformer which ended up taking 8th place overall!

This time we’ll be leveraging some starter code — specifically, the Harmonic Unity utility framework that I’ve been working on for Unity3D.  It’s filled with a bunch of stubs and todos and only some of the functionality is there right now so I would certainly not recommend anybody else use it, but hopefully it’ll be growing into something more stable and fleshed out that will be able to provide people with an open-source solution to a lot of common boilerplate problems that arise when doing standard 2D game dev with Unity — just little things dealing with audio, screen fading, input handling, etc.  I’m particularly happy with the platformer physics code, which allows you to actually have sensible 2d platforming physics (e.g. collision handling, no inertia, it “just works” like you’d expect from something like SMW), and even has custom collision handling code that allows you to do more flexible things like make one-way platforms and pushable blocks!  How many other non-physics-based platformer frameworks allow you to push a set of 3 blocks together, out of the box? =P

Anyways, aside from that, we’ll be making use of:

  • Unity3D, coding in C# (this worked great last time so I’m looking forward to working with it again)
  • FL Studio for music
  • LabChirp for additional sfx as needed
  • Tiled and Tiled2Unity, if we need tilemap support
  • GAF along with swf flash files, if Kat decides to animate in flash (new!)
  • Paint Tool SAI, if she decides to do traditional animation instead

GAF is new tech that we might be trying out, for importing flash animations into Unity.  It really depends on how we decide to do the art, but flash can certainly be more convenient for certain types of animations, and after some experimentation I think we can get GAF to do what we want in terms of importing into Unity and controlling playback as needed.  It makes me a bit nervous trying to use something that isn’t battle-tested and proven, but I guess there’s usually always at least one thing in a project that’s like that.

My goals this time are really…just to “have a good weekend”.  There is actually one thing that I want to achieve with our game itself and that is to let Kat take the reins in terms of the direction we take things, which I think will be a great changeup, but aside from that I’m really just hoping that I’m healthy and happy as I work on our game.  It really sucks to be stressed or losing motivation (or worse, sick) as you try and jam out something, so I’m just hoping that everything goes well on that front.  Past that, I’m also looking forward to stocking up on groceries and food so that we can treat ourselves well during the weekend :)

Lastly, I’m also hoping to use this opportunity to take ratings off of my mind and really just make whatever the heck we want to make, without any outside pressures or anything like that.  There have been LDs in which I have been a little more conservative with my planning and execution because I want to cater towards a mass audience, but this time I’m open to everything!

Good luck everyone!  Be sure to get some good rest tonight, make sure to stock up on supplies, and be sure that all of your tech and tools are in place!  I’ve still got some more prep work to do myself — need to set up a unity project, create a bitbucket repo, add in my frameworks and libraries, apply the right settings, etc…

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