A second Chance

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August 25th, 2016 1:19 am

I will be in, but for assorted reasons with IRL primarily, and my reversed/chaotic priority system, I will be considerably less prepared than initially hoped or planned.

Due to technical problems, I may be unable to squeeze extra time out of the commercial breaks when watching Toonami, as a desktop > laptop transition probably will be impossible. (there’s a chance my ext drive could be damaged trying to communicate with this machine and vise-versa. The cause is unknown, but my several gigs of backups and stuff are more valuable to me than the ability to work from multiple computers. The last attempt resulting in the drive acting a bit odd, multiple failed write attempts, and this computer freezing for a good few minutes (and by freeze, i mean full system halt, NO ability to interact whatsoever. i’m sure power button would’ve worked, but that’s it.))


engine (if it can be called that) : https://github.com/Brian151/UnNamed-html5-Game-Library

map editor : may fork   https://github.com/Brian151/spongebobzelda/tree/master/utils/SBZBuilder  It WILL be modified and re-branded. Some code may be recycled from it. After my experiences with adding some features, code from this product will merge into my game library at a future date. (also noteworthy: it’s built over top the library, already)

additional data parser: https://github.com/Brian151/INI.js (this is unlikely to be used)


gfx – paint dot net

snd – most likely none


was considering chronolapse, but probably won’t have time to test it, and another tech issue called low disk space makes it a VERY bad idea, anyways

dev screenies and progress updates


not get distracted in chats

few to no IRL interruptions

don’t hang myself over implementing theme

try to code less sloppy, and do NOT repeat the bug that was collision detection on the enemy from my previous game.

In general, I want to improve significantly from LD35. My submission for it was just, not one of my better works. If you look at my github, or if you should track down my other projects/accounts, you will see that general, I make better and more complete content. Even being rushed, that was no excuse for the horrible failure that was my first Ludum Dare. I KNOW I can do better. This time, I intend to make it happen.

I shall now spend my remaining time before I go to sleep trying to make at least SOME progress to my game library. First phase is a package re-structure.



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  1. QualityCatGames says:

    some progress…


    but, i learned i’m going to lose anywhere from all morning to half of the day cuz of an IRL event… >.>
    (and seriously, if i put my nose to the grindstone, i could make an absolute TON of the ever so desired and needed progress updating my library in the 3-5+ HOURS i’m now not going to have for gamelib updates, and even general LD prep.)

    oh, and the disk space issue i mentioned?
    it is just getting worse…so much worse….
    i clear space and some program in its daily (or even more frequent) updates decides to take literally ALL of that space. >.< I am seeing free disk space values that are frighteningly low. Maybe I'm over-reacting, but i'm pretty sure they're reaching the threshold that data corruption or a system failure could take place. I do not need either of these to occur. Much of my stuff on this computer isn't backed-up, and due to the external drive problem it now has, I can't easily conduct backups. In fact, the day this error suddenly appeared, i was attempting a back-up… I nearly destroyed a pretty decent amount of completely unrecoverable data because a series of move operations completely and utterly failed.

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