BlackCode makes a great return for LD36!

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August 24th, 2016 7:40 pm

BlackCode logo (black)

We’ve missed a few Ludum Dares… well, actually we weren’t doing any programming at all for some time. But the important thing it we’re back and plan to do our best at Ludum Dare 36! (also, check out the new logo above)

We’re like a phoenix raising from the place phoenixes raise from! Like a turtle hatching from it’s egg at the beach, except we’re not turtles nor are at the beach! Like a beautiful larva morphing into an ugly butterfly!

Who are we then!?

  • Kacper “kacperski1” Herchel – That’s me. Doing programming, wonderful vector art, mediocre pixel art, meh sounds and plain bad music! Interests: fast cars and Dr Pepper,
  • Maciej “Macron” Ziółkowski – That’s not me. Doing master-level programming, wonderful placeholders, mediocre placeholders, I shoot you not, he does all kinds of placeholders! Interests: placeholders,

There’s also THCobra who will not really help us, but may give us an idea or two… and that’s it, ’cause almost everyone else willing to help is currently on vacation. Damn.

What are we gonna use!?

  • Programming – C++ with the astonishing IDE of Code::Blocks and SFML libraries. No game engine – let’s reinvent the wheel!
  • Graphics – Inkscape for muh wonderful vector art, GIMP for muh mediocre pixel art and all the placeholders,
  • Sound – Audacity and all these open source sound generators. Maybe ’cause we’ll probably go for the Jam like always.
  • Music – I’m crappy at music, but if it’s really needed I’m gonna use LMMS for that. Brace yourselves.
  • Target platforms – I am using Arch Linux, and Macron’s using Win10 + a VM with Antergos, so we’ve got the PCs covered. Sorry, OS X/macOS users.
  • Communication – Hangouts! We’ve ditched Skype as it was just getting shittier with every release.
  • Food – Various combinations of whatever we’re gonna find in our fridges. For me, probably toasts and instant soups.
  • Drinks – Dr Pepper all the way!

That came out way longer that I originally assumed, so let’s end it here. Happy Ludum Daring, everyone!

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