How do you find a designer to work with you?

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August 22nd, 2016 7:36 pm

Where can I find a designer to work with?

I’m a pro programmer, I’ve been really busy with clients and stuff, but now I have more time and I want to dedicate my time to be a game dev. I am participating in this LD btw /o/ my first one. BUT I have 0 skills at design, I’ve created circles trying to do squares, and I have absolutly no sense of fashion. I’ve seen that a los of compo and jam, specially winners work together 1 dev and 1 designer, where do they meet? is there 1 chief paying the other 1? Are they using free stuff and just giving credit to the free design? they just collided randomly? Is there a tinder app for devs and designers that I dont know of(million dollar idea patented if it doesnt exist)?


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  1. ajayajayaj says:

    I usually try my best to do it alone, I am not that good, but I am getting better and better.

  2. BoaHeck_ArtGent says:

    Hey. In case you don’t find someone, please don’t be afraid of entering something anyway. Even if it’s just circles and squares, people will still be able to enjoy it. If you’ve seen the game Thomas Was Alone, that was originally made in a 24 hour jam and later developed into a hit game. The character in it was literally just a square. I don’t know where you could find people to work with, but my advice is go for it even if you don’t find someone.

  3. Crashtester says:

    Hi Aschab, did you found a designer. I am interested to join. I do 2d pixel art. Work with unity. Let me know.

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