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August 21st, 2016 7:51 pm

It has been over a year since I was able to participate in Ludum Dare. Most of the reasons were due to work schedule, but I was able to schedule a time to participate last December. I wished I had a working motherboard by the time that one rolled along though. Oh well.

This was the last piece I made for Ludum Dare before life happened:


This time around, I am very optimistic. A couple of upgrades to myself since last time:

  1. I can now write music! The last game jams I’ve done always had to make serious shortcuts with sound since I basically didn’t know how to get started with that. However, I’ve taken some time to at least get to a basic skill level where I can also juggle sound on top of my other skills
  2. I have a bit more experience as a programmer which hopefully means that my process is more streamlined than last time
  3. Lastly, I am definitely more confident in myself as a creative. While I didn’t have the time to participate in Ludum Dares, I definitely had time to work on my own projects which means, more experience under my belt

I have barely a week to figure out my game plan, but so far, I believe that I will start with some simple music and build my art direction based on what I write. I am very flexible as an artist but my music skills are still basic and will be my biggest creative constraint. I will likely go for a radically simpler style of art that I normally work with and instead, pour most of my effort into animation.

I will probably shoot for the compo instead of the jam this time around. Meanwhile, now would be a good time to practice musical composition and I hope to see where this Ludum Dare will go!

Even if the entries won’t be judged, I’m here for the bragging rights =)

My tools:

  • Graphicagale for art and animation
    • Logitech mouse for my drawing implement¬†(lol)
  • GameMaker for code
  • Notepad++ if I decide to use data files (probably not, who knows?)
  • OpenMPT for sound and music
    • iRigKeys37 for my MIDI controller

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