It’s been a long time… but I’m in

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August 14th, 2016 8:19 pm

I did some hobby game development several years ago, then just… stopped (lack of motivation, I suppose). Looking back at some of the stuff I’ve done, even incomplete LD projects, I marvel at what I accomplished and wonder if I could even repeat that. I’ve wanted to continue for a long time and have beaten myself up every time I let a LD or a OGAM pass me by… but here’s my chance to get back into it.

Engine: Phaser or LÖVE (depending on which I feel more comfortable with in a week)
Graphics: Aseprite or PyxelEdit/Photoshop/Tiled (if necessary)
Sound: sfxr or bfxr (BeepBox looks cool but I probably won’t have time)

I’d like to hear any suggestions between or LÖVE from people with some experience. I presume that LÖVE makes for easier distribution (though I do have webspace for hosting, if I want) and that they’re comparable in actual flexibility/power (which is to say: both very good), but I’m open to biased preferences and hearing why. :)

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