Theme Slaughter!

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August 11th, 2016 3:45 pm
Final Update: Congratulations everyone, thanks to your efforts we reached about 500.000 votes during the Theme Slaughter! Only the 80 best themes remain now – and the final phase of theme selection is about to start! See you later today for the first round of Theme Voting… ~ Wan

If you want to slaughter some themes, I have something great for you! Theme Slaughter!

Some of you probably remember the old Theme Slaughter page, the original one. What can I say, it is back!

LiamLime, Tijn and wan have excavated the original page (all while avoiding ancient traps, scorpions and racing tomb robbers!) and improved it. You have submitted almost 8000 themes. I removed the less than serious themes and did some more cleanup, and we now have around 5500 themes left. But we only need 80 for theme voting. Let’s get rid of some!

Until next weekend, we will from time to time remove the most hated themes from the list. Theme Slaughter is open until Saturday, August 20th. Then, we will take the 80 most loved themes and start Theme Voting, where we will in five rounds find the theme for Ludum Dare 36!

Update: We’re around 140000 votes now. We cut around 2200 of the most disliked themes from the bottom of the list, so we have about 3400 themes left to slaughter! Keep it up!

Update: We’re going strong! 250000 votes in. We just removed the 1400 most hated themes and have around 2000 left.

Update: Now at 400000 votes. We expunged the 700 most wretched themes and have around 1300 left. Onward!

40 Responses to “Theme Slaughter!”

  1. Tijn says:

    Feel the hype!

  2. jangofett2014 says:


  3. jangofett2014 says:

    Lol jk

  4. doomista says:

    I always laugh at themes that look like somebody was just playing a very particular game before submitting them like:
    Took every nook and cranny (doom 2016 achievement)
    30 seconds (that game where you have 30 seconds to save the world)
    Bomb Defusal (Keep talking and nobody explodes)
    Location based/Based on location (Pokemon GO)
    Dungeons & Dragons (cmon, he could at least submit “Generic fantasy RPG”)

    • BoltKey says:

      I found the most amusing the overly specific ones. I once came across something like “A space-themed action shooter with elements of real-time strategy”

  5. Bormear says:

    “to the beat of a dead horse”
    Made me giggle!

  6. g_o says:

    Oh my god the amount of times I pressed the slaughter button.

  7. Eggplant says:

    There’s some gold here among a pile of meh.

  8. Sogomn says:

    Please let it be an actualy theme and not a restriction this year.

  9. ryjcio says:

    I hate themes which force me to make a particular kind of gameplay. There are so many of them…

  10. taten says:

    there were some where I really couldn’t decide… take snow for example;

  11. eskivor says:

    Just a question : what does the “slaughter!” button concretely do ?
    The theme is instantly ejected ? ejected after some “slaughters” (5 for example) ? Or that only downvote the theme with a weighting of -5 instead of -1 for just “bad” (or something like that) ?

  12. PRANEET56 says:

    Came across this topic: “A game inside a game.”

    I voted good, cuz this topic’s gonna be awesome.
    Whats your opinion?

  13. Reiryuu says:

    I voted for a few, but I got a lot of repeats. Would have been nicer to avoid repeats if possible as I was looking forward to seeing a lot of the suggestions but like 10-20 of them repeated 4 or 5 times =/

  14. Llucile says:

    When I vote, I don’t think about what I would do with such theme, but how much alike the games that would be issued from this theme would be…

    • TerraCottaFrog says:

      thank you
      I can’t stand the weird specific themes that always seem to stay until the end
      they should be vague and open ended
      after all one of the points of a game jam is to be more creative than you would be with something with a larger time commitment.

  15. HawkSandwich says:

    “We’ll remove another bunch on Wednesday” What happened? .-.

    • McMutton says:

      They have eliminated more.. there are only about 1000 left.. you can see it at the bottom of the voting page.
      “Stats: 5518 total themes, 4214 eliminated (so far).”

      • HawkSandwich says:

        I see that now, at the time of me saying it though it hadn’t been updated on the front page, I was wondering if I was thinking of the wrong Wednesday or something xD

  16. oxysoft says:

    So this “ludum dare” is not going to have any ratings still? Because that’s kind of bullshit

  17. Eggplant says:

    Wait, I don’t understand. So this Ludum Dare there won’t be ratings? So there won’t be any winners? What exactly is going on?

    • cdrch says:

      In short, because of what he considers to be serious problems with the Ludum Dare website as well as desperately needing a break, PoV (who is essentially in charge of LD if you weren’t aware) decided that there would be no Ludum Dare in August.

      Full explanation here:

      However, because of the community’s strong desire to have a Ludum Dare, he said that his admins and other people who put a lot of work into Ludum Dare could run it in his place, although even if they did so, things appear to be currently set up so that only PoV can run the rating system and debug it when needed (which is apparently quite frequently during an LD), so PoV greatly preferred that it would not have ratings. Sorceress (an awesome community member and admin) ended up taking charge with the help of several others and ran a poll to let the community decide what it would like.

      The announcement post and poll results:

      The vote suggested that the community, on average, respected PoV’s desire to not deal with ratings so he could take that break and work on the website, but very much wanted an LD. So now there is an August LD (the Theme Slaughter is currently underway!), but at least (as far as I know) mostly or entirely without PoV’s involvement.

      More details from PoV, as well as a number of links to things he had posted during all of this:

      Also, offered to host a jam in place of LD. No idea if that’s still happening, but PoV had concerns about another business hosting Ludum Dare, even once.

      PoV’s reasoning why it would not be good:

      From what I’ve seen, the community has at least a vocal minority (though I think many would disagree that they are a minority) that sees no reason there shouldn’t be voting this LD. You’ll probably see a number of posts and a lot of comments discussing this if you go back into the post archives a few weeks. Reasons as to why vary, but I have seen some rude discussion and lack-of-discussion, so tread lightly if you are the kind of person (like myself) who can be bothered by comments like that.

      Note that Wan (another awesome member of the community), in addition to helping with this jam, has created the Feedback Friends mini-site. It essentially is an alternative to voting for this LD, helping to highlight games with little feedback.

      Feedback Friends post:

      Also, if you feel like you’d like to help with LD in any way, this has been posted to keep track of all the people who do:

      That’s…basically everything that’s going on? The Theme Slaughter is going on as usual (using an older website rather than the newest one, due to the need of PoV involvement for that), the Theme Voting will begin around Saturday (iirc), and, despite a bit of confusion and concern from many people, Ludum Dare powers on. :)

      And yes, that was (in my opinion) the short version. 😉

      • Eggplant says:

        Alright, thanks a lot for the explanation. At least there’s still going to be a Ludum Dare this month. I hope the voting issues can be resolved soon.

        • cdrch says:

          No problem. Yeah, while I really do like the voting (was a pretty cool feeling when someone I knew made the top 10 in multiple categories), I’d much rather have some kind of LD than none. I’m hoping that, by the next jam in December, PoV will have both had a chance to rest and also made the new website ready and all shiny for us, as well as figuring out how to better balance the load among those helping him in the future. ^_^

      • pvtroswold says:

        well now that was rather informative

  18. Silver_Kovy says:

    So I’m curious approximately at what point will we find out which themes are left after the slaughter?

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