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August 11th, 2016 1:16 am

Hey hey… I am in… and totally human… I have allways been looking up stuff about game development and the Ludum dare seemed so out of reach… I have never finished a game… tried stuff… never amounted in anything… but I guess you gotta start somewhere… I hope I looked up enough stuff to get at least something going… still can though during the ld right? I’ll probably attend the practice weekend, one week before the actual jam -> this weekend… I am going to try it in Java, I am going to do all the Art in Piskel… IF I ever get to implement the art… then its going to be all harcoded… I am planing a simple canvas (JPanel, JFrame) set up… got something lying around… It had been a long time without coding when I slapped it together…  I do not know if it is working because I got sidetracked… time to revisit it! In any case… it is already well over bed time here, so you have a good night!

Oh yeah one question: Can I copy code from a website? Does that disqualify me from the Compo? Its just a class that allows me to load and play music asynchronisly and in a very easy way… planning on doing the music hardcoded, so… yeah, anyways heres the link: http://www.anyexample.com/programming/java/java_play_wav_sound_file.xml

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  1. sorceress says:

    Hello and welcome!

    A lot of people join LD to complete their first game, which is great. You’re certainly not alone.

    For the compo, we say you can use existing code as long as you declare it beforehand (by posting a link to it so that others could use that code themselves). It is a bit of a grey area though, as someone could have a whole game pre-coded and just hit compile once the compo starts. We all have an intuitive sense of where the boundary is, so trust your own intuition about what feels right. :)

  2. RadioLemon says:


    Let this be your first time finishing a game

  3. ward_Placed says:

    Thanks… sry for not checking… and thanks for not noticing that the actual jam before the ACTUAL jam is next week… I think I will be using gimp too… just to organize the sprite atlas and texture maps… oh yeah and create .ppm files as their native to java and help me create the levels intuitively and keep them seperated from the code… either way it will be a lot of work! Thanks for the incuragement… I am still figuring this WordPress thing out…

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