Shout out (MiniLD)

August 4th, 2016 3:30 pm

Shout out to ermo, for making probably the largest game in the MiniLD, “Island Warfare”.  It is a really large game, most due to procedural generation, and I really think this would be awesome if it went multiplayer.

Island Warfare:

Shout out to KloudRazor for making the, in my opinion, funnest game to play: “Operation Mars”.  This is a team of 2 people who really made a polished game, and a difficult one at that.  Usually you don’t see this unless the game is really buggy, however this game has no bugs/glitches that I am aware of.  My high-score is 18 days survived, comment or tweet at me yours if you want to share it.

Operation Mars:

Shout-out to Opyate for making the simplest and most elegant game in my opinion: “:isation”.  This game is you turning a cube, and sticking color on it as to get the most area with it.  Although it could use a little more rethinking, or maybe have preset puzzles instead of randomly generated ones (which seem to make the game too easy), the base of the game is still there, and it is solid.


Also shout-out to Wan for making the feedback friends website, it is a very comfortable website to use in my opinion, however I do not know how it will stand up with thousands of games.  In the meantime, it has made the MiniLD a bit more meaningful.  I doubt I would have commented so much if this were not the case.


If you are wondering why I made this post, it’s to point out games I think people should play, even if they are not very interested in the MiniLD.

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