Now recruiting: the LD#36-rating plan B

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July 25th, 2016 3:30 am

Now recruiting: the LD#36-rating plan B:


I’m that annoying chap who spams the LD mosaics every single damn LD recently.  Apologies to everyone suffering mosaic fatigue.  I do it, most recently without even linking to my own games, because I am trying hard to make LD into a positive community.

Right now everyone spends a very intense weekend making a game and then they go crash.  Very few actually then play any games, or very many games, and many that do don’t comment.  I do my best to address that and whip up some kind of community…

Now I’m a vocal non-pov-believer re the impossibility of ratings this LD and re need for a new website and everything else, but if we can’t have a normal LD#36 like the 35 LDs we’ve had before, then we will just have to innovate around him.. :(

My big fear is that LD#36 will be a bit of a flop, and the momentum of LD will flounder, and we’ll all be poorer for it.


For LD#30 (Connected Worlds) I made a gamification of Ludum Dare commenting.  The idea was actually to spend the time I’d been allowed to enter LD on making a better game-finding interface for LD.  I think the community appreciated it a bit; LDers really enjoyed finding entries by players near them or far from them, and getting a sense of the size and globality of the LD base.  And it was by far my best ever entry: it won silver in innovation and 4th for theme, yah! 😀

A script running on a server scraped the LD entries for comments and exposed a hastily illustrated map as you commented on games.

The entry was rushed, and needs polish if we can use it as an interface for promoting the “comments only” rating system this LD#36.  I need your help in the coming weeks:

Now recruiting: the LD#36-rating plan B:


  • Artists, to make a gorgeous high-res map.
  • Artists, to make a much prettier interface.
  • Programmers, to improve the scrolling, zooming and revealing.
  • Programmers, to add features such as solutions for when several players have the same or very close locations on the map, filters by game type, and marking when a game has been played or viewed.

(Because its not running on the LD site itself it can’t have a seamless login and it can’t auto-update every time someone actually comments :(  We can’t have everything but we can try and get damn close!)

Please volunteer in the comments below:

6 Responses to “Now recruiting: the LD#36-rating plan B”

  1. CyberStarLight says:

    If you are already getting the comments, why not let users post a “rating” in the comments as a formatted bit. something like this at the very end of the comment:

    Innovation: 4/5
    Fun: 4/5
    Theme: 4/5
    Graphics: 4/5
    Audio: 4/5
    Humor: 4/5
    Mood: 4/5
    Overall: 4/5

    you can parse it out and collect votes, and announce an “unofficial” winner after a week or so.
    All the data is online so anyone is free to verify the results himself.
    I was considering doing that myself, but I’m not sure I want to go against POV wishes in that way, and cause drama.

    Anyway there is nothing stopping us from posting our votes in our comments even if there is no one to “farm” them and decide a winner. and I encourage everyone to do so regardless! people would be happy to get a rating and review on their game!

    after that the data can be easily collected and calculated if someone REALLY wants to. or it can just stay as a review.
    The important part is deciding on a fixed format. I suggest using the one above. It’s clear and easy.
    you can even count reviews and assign coolness to usernames.

    As I said, I’m not sure I support doing that. but it is an option that can appease the adamant pro-vote contesters.

  2. Flannel007 says:

    Hey, I might be able to help where I can. I am a programmer and would love to delve into things. I have always wanted to be a part of the Ludum Dare Community and unfortunately haven’t been able to compete yet (this will change in August 😀 !! ) That being said I would love to see if I can help or learn anything that I have to to be able to help. I have always followed the LD community and looked at the games and really want to help out now that I see it struggling a bit.

  3. deathray says:

    Can we contribute via GitHub?

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