Hey everyone! If you played my dragon game back in Ludum Dare 33:

I kept working on it and turned it into a full game, and just launched it on Steam! Figured it could be good inspiration for people participating in LDJAMs to keep working on their entry if they come up with a cool mechanic/idea…who knows, you might be able to to turn it into a full game!

Here’s the trailer:

Grab it on Steam here:


My next game is ALSO going to be based of my LDJAM entry from Ludum Dare 35:


Hope this inspires some people to take their games beyond their Game Jam entries if they think they’ve stumbled across something fun! With a few more months of work you might be able to turn it into an awesome game you might be able to pay your rent with! 😉

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– Jeff

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2 Responses to “Turned my Ludum Dare game into full game launched on Steam! :)”

  1. g_o says:

    I like the soundtrack of Dragon Rage!

  2. psypol says:

    i remember your entry on that jam.
    from the beginning the design of the dragon impressed me.
    nice to see you took the jam project to another level !
    your other project looks nice too. you are talented :-)

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