MiniLD #69: Colonization!

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July 10th, 2016 11:00 am

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Welcome to MiniLD #69!
The theme is…

July 10th – August 1st

Taken from Wikipedia:

Colonization (or colonisation) is an ongoing process of by which a central system of power dominates the surrounding land and its components (people). The term is derived from the Latin word colere, which means “to inhabit”.

What are the rules?

  • You may interpret the theme however you wish.
  • You can use whatever tools you want.
  • Teams are allowed, but not required.
  • If you choose to use open assets, please state so in your game’s description.
  • Submissions close on August 2nd.
  • Have fun!

What is MiniLD?

MiniLD is basically a laid back version of Ludum Dare. MiniLDs are hosted by LD community members, and they’re a great way to experiment with new engines, libraries, langs, etc.

– Kay

Update #1: As you all may or may not know, there is a new mini-site for feedback called “Feedback Friends”. You can read more about it here and also here. As a test run, we’re starting it off with this MiniLD. Hope you enjoy this!

Update #2: MiniLD #69 is over. Hope you all had fun!


50 Responses to “MiniLD #69: Colonization!”

  1. pixzleone says:

    I’m in!

  2. PatateChocolat says:

    I’m in. Tried something with dungeon and bitmap drawing

  3. Syrapt0r says:

    Unfortunately, I have many final exams this month and won’t be able to participate. Oh well, good luck to everyone participating and I’m looking forward to play your games! Also, great theme, I actually really want to make a game to it 😀

  4. playr4 says:

    First Ludumdare I’ve found the time to participate in…all-be-it a miniLD. Still excited thought.

  5. TribalGameStudio says:

    I’m in! Finally have time to do it! Good luck everyone <3

  6. AgentRiver says:

    I’m in! Got a few ideas that might work.

  7. ThePixelWizard says:

    I think I’ll participate, I have a nice idea in mind 😀 My first LD even though its a mini, its a good starting point 😛

  8. popwser says:

    I’m in, hopefully I can get things running in Mac and Windows.

  9. burtman says:

    I’m in – this will be my first LD and hopefully first full game completed – no idea what I’m going to do yet, wish me luck…

  10. NoahCagle says:

    I’m in! Haven’t done LD in about two years and I’m feeling pretty good :)

  11. Yahtzei says:

    Hey, if anyone wants me to make some 8bit music for theirs, I’d be happy to help where I can. Most of my stuff is on my Newgrounds account with the same name, if you wanna have a look at the menu of sorts.

  12. CyberStarLight says:

    I’m in!
    I may work in a team for the first time on a ludum dare, good luck everyone! ^^

  13. Gorp900 says:

    I’m in, it’s been about a year since my last LD so i’m probably gonna be a bit rusty!

  14. Gamegroup98 says:

    My First Ever Lundum Dare! YAY!

  15. torielles says:

    i might do this! i was actually gonna try and work on something that i got an idea for in a dream, but if i can come up with something else, i might try to work it into this theme instead

  16. Pleirlat says:

    I’m in, first game and first LD so…lets see what can i do 😀

  17. CSaratakij says:

    I’m in~
    //First jam in Ludum Dare.
    //Gonna test Godot Engine^^

  18. clementfranklin says:

    I’m in – its my first Ludum dare :)

  19. TehVulpez says:

    I’m late, but I’M IN!!

  20. Will Edwards says:

    Well I’ve kinda made a start…

    Rather than humans colonizing something, I thought back to SimAnt…

    Here is a made-in-an-hour ant colony simulator:

    Its based on a quick glance at but its diverged quite a bit from that. Its very basic and its rendering ‘debug’ info, showing how the sim works underneath.

    The red dots are food sources and the blue dot is the ‘nest’. Ants wander fairly aimlessly.

    When they find food they suddenly lay down a ‘food pheromone’ trail (purple). They then try to find the nest again. If they find it, they lay down a ‘nest pheromone’ trail (yellow).

    If ants wander across a food pheromone trail when they are seeking food they tend to follow it if its strong enough, and likewise nest pheromones when they are taking food home. After a while they end up with trails between food and nest.

    The system can easily support obstacles etc. But right now the only obstacles are the edges of the canvas.

    I have almost zero time to make a game in the coming week, so we’ll see if anything happens.

    Haven’t quite worked out the gameplay yet. Maybe you have to help the ants, or maybe you have to kill them. Are you on the side of the ants, or are they the enemy? Suggestions welcome 😀

  21. Chickenattack says:

    I’m going to just use an engine that I’ve never used before and experiment with this miniLD!

  22. Flannel007 says:

    OMG How have I just seen this. UGH!!!!!!!!! I want to do this so badly and I’m a week late to the jam, I am so entering in this because I love love love the theme, but am already involved in another Jam :_(, so time to go beast mode on this LD!

  23. MatousFiala says:

    A lil’ late, but I’m in 😉

  24. somewhataccurate says:

    I have never made a graphical game, but can do command prompt game ok lol. Ill give it a shot, worst comes to worst, I got some more experience.

  25. Goldenboy says:

    Have a pretty good idea for what I want to do for this, not sure about getting it done in time though, might turn into a big project D:

  26. igorfelga says:

    I’m in. Better late than never!!!

  27. UgiWithAKnife says:

    Damn, saw this just now. Gonna try to make something, the theme is great!

  28. I’m in as well. Only a few days left but I’ll submit something I’ve been working on in my free time that fits the theme pretty well I think. Have fun everyone!

  29. Stuntddude says:

    I’m very late as well, but since there’s still the better part of a week left, and I just had a pretty cool idea, and I’ve got the time free, I think I’m going to throw my hat in the ring.

  30. deciduous says:

    Only 17 days late! Here we go. See you in a few 😛

  31. Piranesi says:

    I love this theme to death, but it’s exactly the kind of thing that sends me into crazy feature-creep mode.

  32. Aeolus says:

    I’m in! Also, my first Ludum Dare. (besides a “game” I made in visual basic in 5th grade.)

  33. Stuntddude says:

    I there a submission hour for MiniLDs like there is for the main event? I don’t want to over-rush or miss the deadline if I end up in a time crunch on the last day.

  34. firz says:

    I’m in too! I actually started last week, but I wasn’t sure I could finish in time. But today, I think I’ll be able to have it done and submitted by tomorrow. I look forward to seeing the other submissions as well.

  35. CyberStarLight says:

    I failed this MiniLD to make anything finished but I uploaded what I currently have. I hope you guys had more luck, can’t wait to check out your submissions ^^ I will go over all of them tomorrow, and leave comments where I can.

    Lessons for next LD:
    * Choose your teammates wisely.
    * Don’t get stuck on the technical parts too long without actual gameplay.
    * Organize your code better at the start, or it makes it harder as you go.
    * when working on non-PC platforms, make a simulation to work against on PC instead of testing each time directly on your planned platform. it really slows you down.

    • We have encountered a similar experience this time. Too many new technologies, custom engine, etc.. Not enough gameplay, too much focus on technical aspects. Don’t take this too hard though, MiniLDs are perfect for learning new technologies and getting stuck on the technical parts. Take the lesson, during a real LD, you will be prepared.

  36. KloudRazor says:

    Posting to see server time. Me or my teammate should post our game pretty soon :)

  37. georgi says:

    Just submitted yesterday my first miniLD entry ever. I’ve only participated to local and global game jams before. I saw the post a bit late – 8 days after the announcement but still I decided to try it out.
    Made the game in a few days while the engine’s development took a bit more but still it all worked fine.

    Good luck fellows ! :)

  38. KJB of IBwWG says:

    Last night I finished a four day sprint, my first game jam ever…it’s tough work! Glad I started with this one and not the compo. (I also didn’t hear about it until about a week ago…spent a few days just splattering ideas on a page, then it was crazy go time.) Anyway I think I ended up with something playable, but it was a bit ambitious and probably needs a lot of feedback to get the balance right.

  39. Silver_Kovy says:

    Does entering have a time limit or can I enter even if I’ve just recently created my account?

  40. Silver_Kovy says:

    Nevermind just realized I missed the heading where it states the competition has ended my bad 😀

  41. VraunMM says:

    When’s the next mini ld. :( Missed it

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