What is going on? (Summary)

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June 28th, 2016 1:17 pm


This is a summary of what’s going on. Long story short, some people are not happy with me.

For those that weren’t around a few weeks ago, among other things I was called out for not giving a date for the next Ludum Dare event. For the above reason, this is something I’ve been struggling to write, but after being called out I had to quickly throw together a response.


Long story short, I am not running an August event. After running 3 events per year for the past 8 years, I need a break. I’m just asking for one though. There are big problems, and I want to focus on getting the new website running as soon as possible to address them, without the obligation of having to run a summer event. As I see it, Ludum Dare 36 is in December.

I detailed my reasons in the post above, along with my serious concerns about running events on the current website. I recommended that we don’t run a judged event on the current website. The community is free to do what they want, but I specifically asked not to be involved. As a compromise I recommended running un-judged events like the MiniLDs (or LD.5 events we’d previously run), because they don’t require much attention on my part. Also itch.io offered to host an event in my absence. This is fine (and the least effort on my part), but long term there are concerns worth considering.

Again, I just want to reiterate that I am not involved with the August event.

For details on what is happening in August, visit the main website.


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  1. sorceress says:

    PoV, you have already said that we are free to do what we want in August, and said via twitter to me that I am free to take the lead on it.

    So I did the poll, and the community showed most support for an LD without ratings.

    That is what we are organising. I have a team in place and a plan of action drawn up. We have everything in hand.

    I have tried on three occasions to talk with you about what is happening, but each time you have replied bluntly with “not involved in August”, so you have cut yourself out of the loop. This is unfortunate.

    • PoV says:

      I received a pair of confused e-mails, and since it’s not clear, I wanted to reiterate that I’m not involved.

      • sorceress says:

        By saying you’re not running an event you make it sound like there is no event. I feel you’re adding to the confusion by reiterating this yet again.

        It would be nice if you would choose words more like “The community is running an August LD in my absence”

        • PoV says:

          Okay, then I’m sorry you’re finding out this way, but here’s me letting you know that a couple people don’t exactly understand what’s going on. I’ll admit I wasn’t able to follow the post that well (It read to me like it was judged). My post is pretty wordy too.

          I’d recommend making a post that more simply explains what’s going on. No rush, just FYI.

      • LastResortGames says:

        Maybe you really don’t see it but I just want to say that you have been repeatedly rude and sometimes outright mean to your admin team, namely sorceress, multiple times in posts like these. This response is childish at best and does nothing to resolve the issues sorceress has presented.

        I love the ludum dare and I want to see it grow into its next phase and even help out with the site redesign. But the way you have been acting has simply been unacceptable and you are starting to turn me off from the event completely. I understand being burned out but you can’t wash your hands of the event unless you let somebody else take the wheel for August and you seem pretty deadset on making it impossible despite all of the people you supposedly already trust with running the events.

  2. Tijn says:

    As I see it, Ludum Dare 36 is in December.

    There has been a banner at the top of the page announcing LD 36 in August for two weeks now, linking to the poll held under the users, in which an overwhelming majority voted for organising an event in your absence.

    It’s a bit strange to ignore this imho.

    • fullmontis says:

      Yeah that’s really confusing. There has been talk about the topic for a month now and things still are muddy. Right now the thing I want to see is more clarity on what is going to happen.

      All this “I think things should go like this” is nice because it gives a point of view without shutting off other opinions, but there must be a point when someone says “we’ll do this”.

  3. oxysoft says:

    I asked a question in the previous post and didn’t get an answer so I’ll repost it here, I expect an answer

    In the poll, it said PoV was favorable to the option of having the event hosted here, but without ratings, and that he was not favorable to having ratings because of the “reasons mentioned earlier”. These reasons were just an isolated case of cheating and that the system was a bit flawed but nothing major. The voting system is still very useful no matter how shit it is and is a nice incentive to play other ppl’s games. So please explain because that makes absolutely no sense to me and it boggles my mind that that was even written in the poll.

    • Stuntddude says:

      Unless PoV knows of some kind of massive, top-secret exploit in the voting system that he’s keeping quiet about, his strong aversion to holding an LD with voting doesn’t make sense to my eyes either. Given that voting and coolness is a huge part of what makes participation worthwhile in the first place (let’s be honest, it’s the only reason most games get played at all), none of the reasons stated so far justify not having it this time. The negatives just don’t outweigh the positives.

      • lukethecoder64 says:

        Exactly. Our current system has served us just fine for over 30 times over a period of 10+ years. Sure, there are flaws, but there would also be at least some flaws with any other voting system we could come up with.

        • ajayajayaj says:

          I REALLY hope the LD becomes rated.

        • oxysoft says:

          this pretty much. It’s flawed for sure and the coolness system is objectively bad but it still motivates most people to play games and it has done more good than bad. The more I think about it too, the more I’m angry that was written in the poll because I’m now certain that had a major influence in the votes. I’m 100% sure there are more than a few people who just voted and hadn’t read PoV’s wall of text, and so were unaware of what was actually at stakes. Kind of ironic that the poll was somewhat more flawed than the rating system itself…

          • ajayajayaj says:

            I agree. Basically, if we have a voting system, some people will abuse the system. If we don’t use the system, no one has ratings. If we use the system, people can just ignore the ratings anyways and we get the same result. So, why not?

    • LTyrosine says:

      Basically, LD was always driven by honor system. You read the rules, you create a game following these rules. You submit your game. You play other people games, giving some time to check all aspects, rate it and write a constructive review. You write a post about best games that you’ve played and even do some self promotion. Simple.

      But there almost no constraints nowhere. You can make a game weeks before and quickly adapt to theme, or make it compatible with some of the top themes in voting stages. You can rate 100 games/day based on first 5 seconds of gameplay. You can ask friends to create users and vote your game like crazy. The list goes on.

      The point is that these type of honor system works fine while contained among individuals that really wants to make it work, to be in a fair competition and give proper attention to what your competitors built. With 2000+ entries, media coverage, new people coming everywhere – all good things, but there is a price to pay. And IMO that is what PoV was talking about, to get time to work on the site ensuring that it can handle LDs of this size.

    • Tijn says:

      I don’t understand why we can’t have a rated LD either. Surely a flawed system which has served us fine for the past years is better than nothing at all?

    • sorceress says:

      it boggles my mind that that was even written in the poll.

      I try to be fair and open with everyone here: the community and PoV.

      I wrote that in the poll (Link) because PoV has expressed concerns over running a rated event. I feel I am being fair with PoV by highlighting his concerns in the poll. He says he has adequately explained his reasons. (Link)

      We may not all be in agreement that these concerns are sufficient reason to forego ratings. And this is partly why I made the poll in the first place. I felt that an anonymous poll was the most reliable way to gauge community opinion, because people don’t always like to stand out and disagree by making a post or comment, and are maybe afraid of getting hostile feedback if they do. So I felt I was being fair with the community by creating the poll, and inviting you to choose what happens in August.

    • Wan says:

      I completely agree with you. I think the main reason we got those results is that voting “Normal LD” felt like voting “Preventing PoV from working on the new website”.

      As long as people other than PoV can run the event normally, there’s no reason to cancel votes.

  4. pixzleone says:

    This is all very confusing, but I’m guessing we do the unrated jam in august. Maybe we can’t have ratings because it’s not possible while working on the new site or something? Either way, thanks to everyone once again that’s making this possible.

  5. dollarone says:

    I don’t think this post cleared anything up, in fact it just makes it more confusing: PoV says LD 36 will be in December while there is a banner saying it will be in August.

    It would be great if PoV could support the work sorceress and her team are doing by endorsing the august jam as LD 36. They’re trying to help keep the community going, you know?

  6. Wan says:

    You don’t get it at all, Mike.

    I can understand why you’d be bitter towards Sorceress for “calling you out”, so I can’t judge for what happened up to that. But from what I’ve seen since, the bigger issue has nothing to do with you taking a break, and nothing to do with the WordPress site or the voting system. The bigger issue is you *just* *keep* seeing Ludum Dare as a one man thing.

    If you need a break, why can’t you have someone else run things, rather than shut the August event down? That’s simply how charities work! And whatever your feelings are towards Sorceress, she did try to set up a new team for LD36, so why not encourage the initiative, exchange information with that team a bit, and *then* take a well-deserved break to focus on Starship?

    What I am unhappy with, is the lack of trust and communication within the LD staff, and the lack of will to renew said staff. You can’t fix the rest until you fix this.

  7. Gemberkoekje says:

    Hi there,

    I was blissfully unaware of this entire system up till now.

    I’m also confused by the amount of close-to mean responses.

    So, to everyone. Imagine you have been doing something for years, and it’s just breaking you up at the moment. In such a way that even trying to reach out to the community, even wording the issue, is giving you stress.

    In that moment, it’s hard to find the right words and the right actions at the right time.

    Now, I’m not saying the community is wrong, per say. I also think an August LD can work without Mike.

    However, I also completely understand that if Mike needs a break, Mike needs a break. And maybe he’s actually too late for having a break: Maybe he’s actually broken, somewhat.

    All I’m saying to the community is: Have a bit of compassion. Think about what you’re saying, and how your words can land, not only for someone in a good mood, but also particularly for someone in a bad or stressed mood. Maybe Mike wants to allow/support the community run August LD, but also maybe he’s broken and needs rest before it gets any worse. In addition, I have no idea how the LD website is built up, but it’s not unlikely that the LD website is not made with community run LD’s in mind, and a community run LD might be hard or impossible without Mike at least supporting it, and maybe this is just too much for Mike.

    Peace. There’s too much sh*t in the world to be angry about a silly game making contest.

    • Wan says:

      > Peace. There’s too much sh*t in the world to be angry about a silly game making contest.

      Hehe you’re right. But I do think compassion is what’s happening here: it’s less about people being mean, than people shouting “Let us help you!” and “We don’t care if LD is broken!” 😛

  8. CyberStarLight says:

    POV, won’t it be easier and less stressful for you, and less confusing and uncertain for others, if you declared publicly a single mod (maybe sorceress) as the one that will run the august event?

    give that person a bit of your time, even just a few hours of attention and communication to seal the deal and be done with it. you are just dragging this out and making it harder on yourself.

    That way there will be no misunderstanding, the event would be on it’s way and you could just forget about it and move on. it’s a win-win for everyone.
    Please consider it.

    • pixzleone says:

      I have no idea if that’s technically possible, but if it is, I think it would be great for everyone.

    • lukethecoder64 says:

      I *think* sorceress has full Admin permissions on this site, but not for the new Theme suggestions site.

    • rnlf says:

      At the moment, sorceress has full admin access to the WordPress based site. The theme suggestions will most likely be handled with the original Theme Slaughter, which will give us a nice nostalgic feel :)

      What sorceress’ team is lacking though is admin access to the server (which will be necessary if something breaks, as it tends to do during the jam) and access to any mail sent to ludumdare.com as well as access to the @ludumdare twitter account. Both would be needed to help people who have trouble registering or submitting their games. It would also be necessary to announce the theme and other things during the jam.

      PoV, please consider giving sorceress access to all those things. I think we all agree that she is perfectly trustworthy not to mess things up. And it’s really the only way for you to NOT get involved in August’s LD. Otherwise you will be bothered with all the Twitter DMs and emails.

      This is literally the only thing you need to do in order to get a completely Ludum Dare free vacation in August.

      And you would do a great service to the community. Please do it!

  9. eric777 says:

    The primary objective is to give PoV a break. Secondary to that is to run an event (which I’ve supported). Given that we can accomplish the primary objective by running no August event at all, it feels quite wrong to pursue the secondary objective by publicly criticizing the guy we’re trying to relieve, or confronting him publicly about what he intends to call December LD. Following his intentions on the name/number is supportive, easy, and free of cost. Call it LD 35 1/2. I seriously doubt he intended to ignore anyone’s intent to call the August event LD 36. He’s probably not even reading the site much, which is the very definition of taking August off.

    I liked the vibe when there was a small band of PoV well-wishers who wanted to run the jam in his stead. There was even a great suggestion about making the theme “PoV’s Grand Vacation”, where we spin tall tales about what PoV did in his well deserved break. Reading this thread is the opposite of that vibe. Even if some of the things said here are related to gaining necessary access, surely 8 weeks out is plenty of time to keep it off the LD front page and keep trying in private communication.

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