Paint Of Persia

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June 24th, 2016 7:07 am




Last Ludum Dare, I made a game with a personnal rotoscoping pixel-art tool.

And last month, I worked a lot on this tool and finally release an alpha version…

It names Paint Of Persia !

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  1. ajayajayaj says:

    Looks really cool. For some reason the close project and X button did not work so I had to manually close it from the task manager.

  2. dunin says:

    Arf, strange thing…
    You try the Windows version or test with an other os and nwjs binaries?
    Was your project save or did you see the window “Are-you sure?” ?
    Try lot of things but I can’t reproduce this bug…

    • ajayajayaj says:

      I was just testing out so I did not save it. I used the Windows version and for some reason I did not see an are you sure dialog, but I think there was one because I remember Windows showing to icons on the task bar for the app, but I just assumed it was for the multiple panels.

      • dunin says:

        Ok, thanks for the reply, I will investigate this ghost window…

        • dunin says:

          I upload a new version that log errors. Can you retry with it and tell me if you see an error.log file on the main folder after the bug come (and send me the file)
          And an other question: do you remember if you seen the “quick start guide” on the launch?

  3. Phil Strahl says:

    Just bought it, since it looks really nice and useful! Is there some way to find out when there’s a new version? 😉

  4. Emerysfire says:

    Hey, this tool looks awesome! I’d love to try it but I’m running Linux, can you give me a tutorial for what to do with NW.js etc. to get it to run?

    • dunin says:

      Ok, I try:
      you have to download and extract nwjs ( ), then download and extract in the same folder (package.json must be next to nw executable).

      Then in package.json file, you have to had this line:
      “chromium-args”: “–enable-transparent-visuals –disable-gpu”

      for example, you can do it here:
      …”main”: “index.html”,
      “chromium-args”: “–enable-transparent-visuals –disable-gpu”,

      Normally, if you run nw, it will work (but I don’t test it with the last versions…)

  5. MAN JO TEAM says:

    Hi, pretty interesting program you’ve made.
    Im trying the transparency bar to make a pixel art of a certain image, but i can’t make it work, all I can see is a blank canvas, maybe I’m doing something wrong. (I’m using Win 7)
    If I encounter some bug I will post you here :D.

  6. nilead says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to make the program run in windows 8. The first time started perfectly and show me the quick guide, but the next day when I tried to start it again it fails if I try to do anything, from starting a new work to see the quick guide again, and the program stops. What can I do? I think the tool is amazing and I want to use it to learn pixel art, so It would be awesome to know how to fix this.

    • dunin says:

      That’s a strange bug.
      Is there an error.log file next to the executable? If it is, can you send me its content?
      Perhaps the bug comes from the settings.json file, you can try to delete it (but send me its content too before deleting it)…

      • nilead says:

        Yes, there is a error.log file. It says that the error is that it fails to load the settings.json file. When the programs freeze and I try to close it it says :njws stopped working. I tried deleting the settings.json file but the result was the same. Any ideas?

      • nilead says:

        This is what the error.log says:
        failed to load file:///C:/Users/Daniel/Desktop/Juegos/Creaci%C3%B3n%20de%20videojuegos/Programas/ptop/ptop/windows-x64/settings.json
        And this is inside the settings.json:
        ptop_settings = {“firstVisit”:false,”langage”:”en”,”defaultWidth”:64,”defaultHeight”:64,”defaultFr”:12,”recentProjects”:[]}

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