Made a game. (not ludum dare!)

June 22nd, 2016 9:47 pm

I made a platformer, I hope ya’ll will have fun with it.


Move with WASD and shoot with mouse.

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  1. nameoftheuser says:


  2. klianc09 says:

    Since I already played through it, I thought I could write a tiny review. I won’t talk about aesthetics, as graphics and sound can always be added/improved upon.
    The controls felt great, but the player moves and falls a bit too fast. Also the weapon felt quite underwhelming, especially since the projectiles move slower than the player. Either increase bullet speed or decrease player speed. Or you could try to add the current player velocity to the projectile, but this may lead to wonky results, use with caution.
    The game introduced new content along the way, and mixed them up so it stayed interesting, the length wasn’t dragged out, it felt just right for the amount of content present.
    The final boss shouldn’t spawn enemies without giving the player time to react (confused me the first time, didn’t know why I died exactly), maybe a small animation where enemies will spawn to give the player time to avoid them could help.
    Also the control instructions should be in the game instead of you having to write them separately with your post. Especially since the double jump wasn’t mentioned anywhere. It’s such a tiny thing, but helps immensely to make it feel more complete and prevents players from getting stuck.

    All in all, nice tiny platformer, hope you appreciate the feedback.

  3. Javabot says:

    Thanks for the feedback, will improve game.

  4. toastedgames says:

    I played and beat the game, so I guess I’ll write a review.
    Movement felt good, but I couldn’t wrap my head around the gun shooting when I released the mouse. You want it to feel responsive, so it should always happen when you press the mouse. There was also some minor issues with the bullet not being centered. Other than that, you should add a bit of randomness to the enemy aiming and walking, because they’re ridiculously accurate right now. You should also maybe touch up the boss fight, it was very underwhelming. Obviously art and graphics can be tweaked later, but that boss sprite tho… that boss sprite…
    Overall it was an enjoyable experience.

  5. Javabot says:

    Haha, sure, BTW the boss sprite is just the first image you find when you google “leviathon”.

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