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June 10th, 2016 1:03 am


Hey, tech savants. It seems to me that Ludum Dare needs your help.


Anyone with the technical skills to work web development, or the graphics skills to make pretty images, or the people skills to run managerial tasks get in contact with me. I can be reached here or on twitter @djfariel.

The goal? Build a team capable of bringing to light the new Ludum Dare website.

Love Ludum Dare? Want to see it succeed, stick around, and continue to be the best thing the game development community has ever seen? Me too. I believe the talent and willpower to get this done lies within the community, and I want to bring that talent together to get this done. Let’s do this!



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  1. djfariel says:

    My first and second goal, interchangeably, is to find a method of communication that works for anyone willing to contribute, and to figure out what parts of the site are not done.
    I have access to this:
    And this:

    Both of which claim to be the “new” site. I need clarification.
    There is also a distinct lack of goals/changes.

  2. zenmumbler says:

    While I and I’m sure others wouldn’t mind helping out, this project needs a clear project lead and a set of clear goals. Also, without a core team of 1 to 2 people who can all dedicate a good amount of time per week, you risk it becoming a hot mess quickly with random edits of well-willing people.

    LD is a complex website and the new site needs to support moderation, cheat-resilient voting and more.

    Running a distributed team is hard, running a distributed team of volunteers with potentially wildly varying skill-sets and -levels is harder still. I don’t say this to discourage but to those who would like to help, keep in mind that this won’t be a casual little project. There’s a reason PoV got stressed out about this issue.

    That said, I wish djfariel and others the best of luck. I may be able to dedicate some time here and there but I certainly don’t have time to be on the core team. I’ve acted as programmer and as project lead on many web projects and my complexity senses are tingling which is why I felt the need to write this cautionary comment.

    For those not deterred by it, proceed with enthusiasm and endurance. Good luck!

  3. Wan says:

    The situation is changing every day it seems, but at the moment I think that the best option is to follow Sorceress’ lead to make that new team happen!

    It feels like she has the same goal of gathering some talent both for running the current website and for helping PoV build the new website. Right new she seems to be the most legitimate initiative, since she’s already an admin and is in touch with PoV.

    Let’s all gather our forces at

  4. Seconding what zenmumbler said, I would like to see a *public* discussion on what the plan of action should be take place. If you want serious contributors to join in, then take a cue from the web standards committees. Have it all out in the open, to bounce ideas off each other and eventually converge on the right approach. Don’t just try to have one person decide the right approach in a vacuum.

    Soliciting interest in that form is not a bad step, but if things are happening out in the open, it’s more inviting. Read the successes the Dolphin emulator has had; because they’re so open with their development, they’ve attracted talented people that feel welcomed. I guarantee you there are a lot of talented lurkers around here who are intimidated by the thought of shooting their expression of interest off into the void of an email form like it’s a scary job application, hoping to be chosen as The One.

    The sooner we can break the work down into manageable chunks, the sooner we can get the ball rolling, and the more likely we are to get contributors to test the waters, and then maybe stick around. If you just pick your Dream Team from all “applicants”, they may very well work out, but more likely is that things fizzle out after initial enthusiasm dies down.

    For my part, I code 40 (or more) hours a week at my job, and can only contribute a few hours on weekends or throughout the week, if I’m not too tired (and unmotivated! and busy!) during the evenings. If I could have small chunks of work divided out for me that I can claim in the issue tracker, I’m more likely to get those completed. The lack of payment is not a problem, so long as it’s something I believe in, and my contributions are valuable.

    I mostly experience Ludum Dare as a lurker, but it’s awesome, and I would hate to see it decline.

    Let’s get a public discussion moving on some medium that’s more manageable than this. Slack Channel, IRC, Github Issue Thread, whatever. If people can *see* what’s happening and gauge where they might fit in, that will start to build the momentum.

    • I just checked out the GIT repository, and it does look like there is a “laundry list” of things that need to be completed here:
      I’m going to see if I can setup a testbed environment just to see if I can get it running.

      • Indeed I’ve looked there, and there’s a few issues I could definitely help on, but things like vote manipulation aren’t covered. That’s a big one that I think needs an open discussion, to bounce ideas around. I’m in favor of building out some kind of moderation tools that inform you with various metrics (e.g. user voted x seconds after first downloading file) rather than trying to solve it purely technologically. It’s a human problem that needs a human solution. People tend to think they can beat cheating if they could just discover the right algorithms to apply, but that always fails one way or another (too easy to circumvent, too many false positives, etc), and so I would advocate building some tools that merely inform human judgement.

  5. g_o says:

    Sorry for being ignorant but has PoV agreed to that?
    And btw who are you?

  6. varuns says:

    I’m a high school student, hobbyist. I can make somewhat pretty images (when I’m lucky).
    I probably have way more free time than most users.
    I love LD, and I’d like to pitch in if I can!

    Links to my artwork –

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